What is the Best Dog Food for Huskies

What is the Best Dog Food for Huskies

Huskies are unique, intelligent dogs that need special care and attention, including choosing the right dog food. Feeding your husky the proper diet is crucial for their health; however, with so many dog food options available, knowing what the best dog food for huskies is can feel overwhelming.

Understanding the nutritional needs of this beautiful breed and what ingredients and types of dog food to look for can help you make the right choice for your husky.

Nutritional Needs of Huskies

Huskies are an energetic breed that require a specialized diet to support their active lifestyle. These dogs need about one to two cups per day of nutrient-dense nourishment, like raw freeze dried dog food.

Ideally, huskies should eat a high-protein diet to maintain lean muscle mass and energy levels. Research on endurance huskies found that the dogs needed between 24 and 32 percent protein to sustain healthy red blood cell volume.

Huskies also require a diet with about 20 percent healthy fats, a balanced ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and 30 percent complex carbohydrates to keep their coat shiny and fuel their daily exercise.

Types of Dog Food

A good dog food for huskies includes nutritional ingredients like fruits, vegetables, grains and meat for a balanced diet that keeps your pup feeling energetic and healthy.

Raw Freeze Dried Dog Food

Raw, freeze dried dog food is becoming increasingly popular among husky owners. This dog food provides a high amount of nutrients and is minimally processed. Raw freeze dried dog food is made from raw meat and vegetables and is freeze dried to preserve nutrients. Raw freeze dried food is beneficial for huskies with allergies or sensitive stomachs because it doesn’t contain fillers or additives that can irritate their guts.

Open Farm Pasture-Raised Lamb Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food is a single-source protein mixer, perfect for adding to your dog’s wet or dry food for an added protein boost. It also contains ingredients such as organic blueberries, pumpkin seeds and squash to give your husky the best blend of antioxidants and fatty acids to support heart and joint health.

Dry Dog Food

Dry food typically contains a combination of meat, grains and vegetables and has a long shelf life. The best dry food for huskies contains healthy, high-protein ingredients rather than fillers like by-product meal or meat by-products.

Try Open Farm Homestead Turkey & Chicken Grain-Free Dry Dog Food for a healthy dry food option. This high protein dog food is formulated with fruits, vegetables and superfoods, such as coconut oil, for enhanced metabolic function.

Wet Dog Food

Wet dog food is more moist and flavorful than dry kibble, which huskies may prefer. Wet dog food is made up of meat, grains and vegetables and has a shorter shelf life than dry dog food. However, the nutrient content and consistency make it an excellent option for huskies, especially those with food sensitivities or dental issues.

As the perfect topper for your pup’s kibble, give your husky Open Farm Herring & Mackerel Rustic Stew. This wet dog food is a highly nutritious option, made with a premium fish blend, high in omega-3 fatty acids to keep their coat shiny and thick.

Another excellent wet food option for huskies is gently cooked dog food. These recipes are cooked using the sous vide method to retain the maximum amount of nutrients while giving your pup a soft, easily digestible food source, perfect for huskies with sensitive stomachs.

Open Farm Surf & Turf Recipe is a gently cooked dog food that offers the ideal balance of marine protein and grass-fed and grass-finished beef to give your husky the diverse micronutrients it needs to thrive.

Get High-Quality Husky Food at Open Farm

Your husky is an important part of your family and you want to feed them the best possible diet to keep them happy and healthy. Open Farm offers a wide range of dog food options for your snow dog, including raw, freeze dried food, dry kibble and wet stew toppers, all made with high-quality, sustainable ingredients and minimal processing.

Shop our ethically sourced dog food to find the perfect option for your pet to give them a balanced and nutritious diet that keeps them healthy from the inside out. Remember, every husky has individual nutritional requirements, so please contact our customer experience team or consult your vet to determine the best dog food for your pet.

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