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Minimally processed, convenient raw format that is high protein and includes 95% meat, organ and bones. Taste and nutrition your dog will crave.

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Open Farm is obsessed with producing high quality freeze dried raw dog food. We put care and effort into every bit of food, ensuring your dog receives the right blend of protein, vitamins and minerals they need to live happy, healthy lives. Our freeze-dried raw dog food has been carefully formulated with no filler materials, only the best food for your dog. 

Our Grass-Fed Beef Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food is great as a pair with our kibble recipes. Unlike many dog foods made from low-grade meat meal unfit for human consumption, these dry recipes are made from 100% humanely raised grass-fed raw beef. The meat is mixed with organic leafy vegetables like kale and spinach for a rounded flavor profile and an extra boost of vitamins A, K and B2, along with calcium and potassium. The freeze dried raw food is rounded out with coconut oil, which is high in omega-3 fatty acids, a digestive aid and an excellent energy source. 

Open Farm’s Surf & Turf Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food is packed with healthy fats, minerals and proteins. It is made of 100% humanely raised grass-fed raw beef and Ocean Wise® certified wild-caught salmon. The meats are paired with superfoods like kale and kelp and organic fruits and vegetables like blueberries, carrots and squash, all great sources of gut-friendly vitamins and minerals. 

Our Pasture-raised Lamb Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food is an irresistible treat for dogs. It is made out of 100% pasture-raised raw lamb from New Zealand. This high-quality meat is mixed with blueberries, pumpkin seeds and organic squash to boost your dog’s immune system, give them a healthy coat and increase their metabolic function. 

Freeze dried raw dog food from Open Farm is some of the best dog food on the market and it is what your dog needs to live a healthy, active life.

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