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Dog Food

Dry Food

An ethically sourced dry food focused on wholesome, nutritionally balanced ingredients like humanely raised meats and wild-caught fish with natural superfoods like coconut oil & turmeric. 

Freeze Dried Raw

Upgrade your dog's diet with our Freeze Dried Raw recipes. Simply scoop, add water and serve! You may need to upgrade their bowl too.

Rustic Stew

Wet Food Reinvented: Enjoy premium wet food recipes made with 100% human grade ingredients and nutrient-rich superfoods like coconut oil, pumpkin and turmeric.


Dog Treats

Made with 100% humanely raised meats, our treats are dehydrated at low temperatures to form a truly tasty and nutritious treat!


Made with raw organic grass-fed dairy, our Kefir is a powerful probiotic meal topper that promotes healthy digestion.

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