Dry Dog Food vs. Wet Dog Food: Beyond the Bowl

Dry Dog Food vs. Wet Dog Food: Beyond the Bowl

As devoted pet owners, we all want the best nutrition possible for our pups, but with so many options available, it’s hard to know what’s best for your dog. Both wet and dry dog foods offer great nutritional value for your dog’s health and happiness, but each has benefits and drawbacks depending on your dog’s specific dietary needs and preferences.

Explore the various dog food choices at Open Farm and find the ideal option for your beloved companion.

Dry Dog Food

Dry dog food or kibble is a popular choice for many pet owners. It’s made from a well-balanced blend of ingredients, including grains, protein sources (such as meat or poultry), vegetables and essential vitamins and minerals.

Dry food offers numerous benefits for both pups and their owners. It is easy to store, portion and transport. You can add it easily to automatic dog feeders, making it ideal for owners with busy schedules.Dry food is also generally more affordable than wet food, especially considering the amount needed per feeding.

Despite having a complete nutritional profile, dry food should not be the only thing you feed your dog. Dry food typically contains only 5-10% moisture, which can lead to constipation since pets derive a lot of their hydration from their food. Additionally, some dogs may find dry food bland compared to wet food’s richer flavors and textures, making it a challenge for picky eaters.

Top Dry Dog Foods

At Open Farm, our ethically sourced, humanely raised protein ingredients ensure your pup gets the nutrition they need. Some of your most popular and delicious options include:

Wild-Caught Salmon & Ancient Grains Dry Dog Food. This premium blend is rich in omega-3 fatty acids from Ocean Wise® approved wild-caught salmon, enhanced with non-GMO ancient grains and superfoods like oats, quinoa and coconut oil. Designed for holistic health, it supports digestion, metabolic function and provides a burst of energy without fillers like wheat and corn.

GoodBowl™ Grass-Fed Beef & Brown Rice Recipe. Oven-baked in small batches, this kibble has humanely raised, grass-fed beef as its primary ingredient, complemented by wholesome grains like brown rice and barley. It’s a nutrition-packed meal free from antibiotics and added hormones, enriched with non-GMO pumpkin and carrots for digestive health and vital nutrients.

Wet Dog Food

Wet Dog Food, often sold in tetra paks, cans or pouches, has a higher moisture content (up to 80%) and a softer, more flavorful texture than dry food. It’s typically made with meat, fish or poultry and vegetables and formulated with either gravy or broth.

Wet food is beneficial for your pup because it has a: Higher moisture content. This is ideal for dogs who don’t drink enough water or have specific health conditions like kidney disease, where increased hydration is essential.

Enhanced palatability. The richer aroma and softer texture of wet food often entice picky eaters or dogs with reduced appetite due to illness, aging or medication side effects.

Suitable for dogs with specific health concerns. Wet food can be easier to chew and digest for senior dogs or those with dental problems.

However, there are also a few considerations to keep in mind. Wet food is calorie-dense, so it’s important to follow feeding guidelines carefully to avoid overfeeding your dog, which can lead to obesity and related health issues.

Also, opened wet food packs need to be refrigerated and used within four days. Improper storage can cause spoilage and gastrointestinal problems.

Best Wet Food for Dogs

All our wet and gently cooked foods are formulated with high-quality, human-grade ingredients designed to ensure your pup gets the best nutrition possible. Some of the best wet dog foods available at Open Farms include:

Harvest Chicken Rustic Stew Wet Dog Food. This blend is made with 100% animal welfare certified, free-to-roam chicken, non-GMO vegetables like pumpkin, carrots, spinach and green beans and a hint of anti-inflammatory turmeric. Perfect as a savory topper or a complete meal, it supports your dog’s health while satisfying their taste buds with every bite.

Homestead Turkey Rustic Stew Wet Dog Food. This delicious recipe combines humanely raised, free-to-roam turkey with non-GMO superfoods like spinach and green beans, plus turmeric for anti-inflammatory benefits and chickpeas for added fiber. This nutrient-dense dish is free from antibiotics, hormones and steroids, offering a mouthwatering and healthy option for dogs either as a complete meal.

Which Should You Feed Your Dog?

Ultimately, you should be feeding your dog a combination of wet and dry food to provide them with a varied diet that supports their overall health. But there are some things to consider when determining the ratio of wet to dry food, including:

Age. Puppies have different nutritional requirements than adult or senior dogs. Growing pups need more calories and protein to support their rapid development, while senior dogs may benefit from easier-to-digest options like wet food.

Health. If your dog has any specific health conditions like food allergies, skin issues or diabetes, consult your veterinarian for tailored dietary advice. For example, dogs with kidney disease may benefit from the higher moisture content of wet food, while those prone to food allergies might thrive on a limited-ingredient diet to minimize their exposure to the allergen (often wheat or dairy).

Additionally, consider incorporating both wet and dry food with probiotics for dogs. These live bacteria can aid digestion, support the immune system and potentially reduce allergies.

Preference. Some dogs simply prefer the taste and texture of one type of food over the other. Pay attention to your dog’s behavior at mealtimes. Introducing some wet food might be a welcome change if they seem unenthusiastic about their dry kibble.

Explore the Variety of Wet and Dry Dog Foods at Open Farm

Discover a variety of high-quality wet, dry, RawMix and freeze dried dog foods at Open Farm. All our products are made with responsibly sourced, fully traceable ingredients, so you know you are giving your pet the best possible diet, whether you choose wet or dry food.

This article is meant only as an example meal with fully balanced nutrition, please reach out to our customer experience team if you have any questions about your pet’s own unique circumstances! To ensure these products are a good fit for your pup, we also recommend consulting your pup’s vet about any new supplement or diet changes, especially if there is a medical concern. They should be able to help as you and your vet know your pup’s medical history best!

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