The Best Dog Food Toppers

The Best Dog Food Toppers

For those of you who might not know, dog food toppers are food items that can be added to your dog's meals that improve the value and palatability. They have a lot of benefits for both your dog's health and your peace of mind!

Finding suitable dog food toppers for picky eaters can be difficult at first, which is why we have created this guide for food toppers! Here is what you need to know.

  1. Dog food toppers make switching dog foods easier

Many dogs can be picky or hesitant to start eating a new kind of kibble when an old bag runs out. To ease them into their new dish, start by adding it as a topper to the kibble they are familiar with. This is a great way to introduce them to a new kibble, incorporate rotational feeding, or provide a new protein option!

  1. Dog meal toppers can be a tasty treat

Toppers can convince dogs to give new foods a try! If you have a picky pup, try adding a topper to their meal. Just make sure the topper is mixed in well; otherwise, your dog might just eat the topper.

  1. Many dog meal toppers contain extra nutrients!

This makes your dog’s meal even healthier and can add additional superfoods to their diet.

Here's How to Pick the Best Dog Food Topper for Your Dog

So now that you know why dog food toppers are important, here is how you can pick the best one for your pet and what factors you should consider.


Puppies need way more protein than older dogs since they are growing quickly. Therefore a meal topper packed with protein like our Freeze Dried Raw Meats would be a perfect topper for any new pup.


Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what tastes your dog prefers. Some dogs can be very picky eaters, which makes it hard to see what flavors they like.

3.Overall Health

If your dog is missing essential nutrients, this can affect things like their digestion and even their fur. Our kefir recipes, for example, are a great addition to your pet's diet that are particularly helpful for digestion!


If your dog is having a weight problem, serving up extra calories might not be the best option! A bone broth topper, for example, has less than half of the calories of a freeze dried raw topper. If they are looking a little thin, switch it around and go for a calorie-rich topper.

Best Meal Toppers for Dog Weight Watching

If your dog needs to lose or gain weight, then you need to adjust their caloric intake. As mentioned above, we recommend a bone broth topper for those trying to lose weight, given it has fewer calories than other toppers. If your pup needs to put on some pounds, then the Freeze Dried Raw Meat is perfect for them.

Dog Meal Toppers That Help with Digestion

Good news! We have a specially formulated blend that helps with doggy digestion! Our Goat Milk Digestion Blend is made with superfoods that naturally improve your pets gut health using just a few simple ingredients. If you are looking for additional nutrient-rich supplements, our Organic Grass-Fed Kefir are a great alternative. Kefir aids in overall digestion and gut health, bone health and immune system support. With just 5 ingredients, this health boosting topper will transform your pup’s every day meal.

Best Food Toppers for Dogs Switching Foods

When dogs are switching foods, sometimes they are a bit resistant to new options. Meal toppers are a great fix to this issue because they add extra, alluring flavors to their meal which can help with the food transition.

One of our most popular dog food toppers would be Freeze Dried Raw Meat options. Since the raw meat is oh so good, some little rascals might dig through their food to eat the good stuff only, leaving their normal food behind.

Bone broth is another excellent dog food topper that soaks right into kibble. Try rehydrating our Freeze Dried Raw recipes with our Bone Broth for an extra yummy and nutritious add-on. To see all the incredible and oh so delicious toppers we have at Open Farm, click here.

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