How to Make Frozen Bone Broth Treats to Keep Your Dog Cool

How to Make Frozen Bone Broth Treats to Keep Your Dog Cool

With summer right around the corner, you may be spending more time outdoors with your pup. It’s important to keep your pet hydrated and cool when spending time out in the sun. Unlike humans, dogs do not sweat in order to thermoregulate. Although our pets do have sweat glands, located on their paw pads, rarely will they sweat in order to stay cool. So if you are catching some rays with your bff on a hot summer day, how will you know if your pet is overheating?

How Do Dogs Cool Themselves Down?

Because dogs can't sweat like we do, they often seek other ways to keep cool. You might notice your dog seeking shelter in a shady spot of grass or plastering their body against a cool surface like tile floors or the side of the fridge. If your dog is unable to find a cool surface, they will likely begin panting in order to keep cool. This is because dogs use their mouths as their primary method of thermoregulation. Panting forces cool air quickly into their mouth to evaporate moisture - the same evaporation that cools us down when we sweat. Since our dogs use their mouths as their main way to cool down, it only makes sense to help them stay cool this summer with frozen bone broth dog treats!

How to Make Dog Popsicles Using Bone Broth

Dog popsicles are an easy and tasty way to keep your dog cool - plus a flavorful alternative to ice cubes! So if your dog enjoys playing out in the sun try making them cooling dog treats that can help replenish energy while cooling them down.

Bone Broth Dog Treat Popsicles for Dogs

Bone broth is not only an amazing addition to your dog's diet when used as a topper but also makes a great summer treat when frozen. Bone broth is packed with collagen and protein - both of which keep your dog happy and healthy. It is an excellent way to include supplemental vitamins, minerals, and moisture to your pets diet.

Try making dog popsicles with Open Farms Bone Broth. Once you have your bone broth, find an ice cube tray (or popsicle molds, if you are fancy!) and fill the trays with your broth. The trick is to make your dog popsicles ahead of time. With the summer quickly approaching, try making a batch of cooling dog treats and replenish as needed. Your treats will last for a long time in the freezer - but we doubt that they will last very long!

Beat the heat with Open Farms Bone Broth popsicles. Try making homemade dog popsicles with our simple recipe here. Our bone broths are made with superfoods and essential nutrients that will not only help keep your dog cool but boost your dog's health. Choose from our 3 tasty recipes including beef, chicken, and turkey - or try all 3 with our variety pack!

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