Why Ingredients Matter: Top Ingredients That Shouldn’t Be In Dog Food

Why Ingredients Matter: Top Ingredients That Shouldn’t Be In Dog Food

How do I know the right food for my dog?

Sometimes choosing the right dog food can feel confusing and overwhelming—especially when every single dog food claims they provide great nutrition, natural ingredients, and healthy protein. But how much of this is really true, and how much is just using the right lingo to draw you in?

There are some specific ingredients that you can watch out for to avoid accidentally picking a dog food that isn’t healthy for your pup. Remember—feeding your dog a diet that is of lower quality may contribute to health issues like skin & coat problems, stomach issues, obesity, hip and joint issues, low energy, bad oral health, and more.

Which ingredients shouldn’t be in dog food?

Sadly, the minimum standard for dog food quality isn’t very high. When checking out the ingredients list on dog food, make sure to avoid the following chemicals, artificial flavorings, fillers, additives, and preservatives like:

  • Propylene Glycol
  • BHA, BHT, and Ethoxyquin
  • Carrageenan
  • Melamine
  • Sodium Hexametaphosphate
  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
  • Food Dyes
  • Corn Syrup

Meat meal is often used in lower-grade quality dog foods. It’s basically a mixture of the leftover scraps of animals.

With this low quality of meat, plus the various chemicals and additives used in certain dog foods… Do you really want this type of diet for your furry best friend?

What is “fish meal?” And is it safe for dogs to eat?

Keep in mind that fish meal is very different from meat meal. Fish meal is actually quite healthy for dogs to eat, and is a high-quality, concentrated source of protein.

At Open Farm, our fish meal is made in smaller batches, and it’s traceable—meaning we know the species of fish, the ocean where it’s caught, and that it’s free of antibiotics and artificial feed. This fish meal is high in omega fatty acids, fish oils, and is highly palatable for your pup.

What is the healthiest dog food to feed your dog? It’s important to choose a pet food you can trust. Keep in mind that companies like Open Farm only use ethical, sustainable, and humanely raised ingredients for every dog food—and cat food—option they provide.

  • No antibiotics or growth hormones
  • No artificial fillers, flavorings, or additives
  • The fish used is only sustainably soruced
  • The meat and poultry used are humanely-raised and were never on feedlots (which produce huge amounts of animal waste and other pollutants)

Whether you’re food shopping for large or small dogs, puppies, adults, or senior dogs… Open Farm provides only premium ingredients to support your dog’s health—with options for every breed and stage of life—and gives them the complete and balanced nutrition they need.

You can choose from dry dog food, wet dog food, or even freeze dried raw dog food. With our one-of-a-kind pet food transparency, Open Farm is a pet food you can trust.

For other informative articles about pet health and nutrition, check out the Open Farm blog.

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