What to Feed a Sick Dog With No Appetite

What to Feed a Sick Dog With No Appetite

A sick dog is a pet parent’s nightmare. Your dog can’t tell you how they are feeling, so often, symptoms like a loss of appetite are how you learn they aren’t feeling well. Despite this loss of appetite, your dog still needs to eat. Not eating will make any illness worse, but getting a dog to eat when it is sick can be hard.

What to feed a sick dog with no appetite is a difficult question, but the answer is nutritious, delicious food that is packed full of the things your dog needs to recover while also being easy on the stomach.

Gently Cooked Meals

When your dog isn’t feeling well, they need to eat nutritious meals. Open Farm offers sensitive digestion dog food that is perfect for both sick and healthy dogs. These foods are gently cooked, meaning they have all the taste, nutrition, and ease of eating that a freshly cooked meal has, but with none of the work.

These meals have humanely-raised beef, chicken, turkey or wild-caught salmon as their base, giving your pup protein, fats, oils and vital amino acids. These meats are cooked with nutritious superfoods like kale, apples, carrots, squash, and coconut oil as well.

These soft, delicious meals will be easy on your dog’s digestion and provide them with everything they need to feel better and return to their happy selves quickly.

Nutritious Treats

Sick dogs might only nibble on meals or just eat a small portion. A nutritious dog supplement can help bridge the gap and ensure your sick dog is still getting all the nutrients they need. These supplements are easily chewable, easily digestible and give your sick puppy an extra boost of vitamins and minerals.

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Open Farm’s dietary supplements help support good gut health, proper gastrointestinal tract flora, and regular bowel movements. These pumpkin and ginger chews feature seven different probiotics that can help calm an upset stomach and reset the gastrointestinal tract so that more nutrients from your dog’s meals are absorbed and can soothe any stomach pain your dog may be feeling.

Toppers for Extra Nutrition

Another way to help your dog get the nutrition it needs when it isn’t feeling good is to add a topper to its normal meal. These dog food toppers are slow-cooked and made with human grade ingredients to make a broth that can pour over wet or dry food. These bone broths give the meal an extra kick of fiber, protein, collagen, iron, potassium, lysine and proline to promote good health and proper nourishment in healthy and sick dogs.

If your dog is not eating much, every bite needs to be as nutrient-dense as possible. A normal meal with a topper added can pack every morsel with enough of the good stuff to help your dog recover and feel better quickly.

Feeding a Picky or Sick Dog

Knowing what to feed a sick dog or what to feed a picky dog can be tough. This can be made worse if your dog is not feeling well, isn’t interested in turning dinner into a game and is not as motivated by walks or toys.

It is important not to feed a dog human food when they are being picky, particularly when it they’re not feeling well. The food we eat is often too rich or contains ingredients that can upset a dog’s stomach, like onions or dairy. Feeding a dog properly formulated dog food is a much healthier option and supports its recovery and long-term health.

Good Health and Good Food

Open Farm has a range of foods that can be great for both sick dogs and picky eaters. The meals, toppers and treats are formulated specifically for dogs and contain what they need to be healthy, without extra ingredients that could make them sick. Check out our complete range today.

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