What is the Healthiest Dog Food for Senior Dogs?

What is the Healthiest Dog Food for Senior Dogs?

As your dog ages, choosing the right food to support its health and well-being is essential. Besides the telltale signs of aging, like a graying muzzle and dull coat, several health conditions, such as arthritis, weight gain and hip dysplasia, are more common in older dogs.

Adjusting their diet to accommodate their changing needs can help mitigate the risk of your pup developing chronic conditions and diseases like kidney and heart disease in its senior years.

To choose the best dog food for senior dogs, consider their breed and unique health needs. You can maintain your pet’s health by knowing what to look for in dog food to meet their nutritional needs and benefit their overall well-being.

Nutritional Requirements for Senior Dogs

Senior dogs should be fed a balanced diet with optimal levels of protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients to help support their health. Before switching to a senior dog formula, arrange a full physical for your pup because the veterinarian may recommend a specific nutrient profile to address any medical concerns.

If your senior dog is healthy, their nutrient profile will be based on its size, such as dog food for small senior dogs, but it should contain the following:


To maintain lean muscle mass and energy levels in older dogs, senior dog food should be 28 to 32 percent protein.


Antioxidants can improve cognition and memory in senior dogs in combination with behavioral enrichment. Consider products with minimum values of natural antioxidants, like 400 IU of vitamin E and 100 mg of vitamin C.


Foods for senior dogs should contain at least 2 percent crude fiber to increase fiber intake and help with constipation.


Minimum levels of minerals like phosphorus and sodium chloride can reduce the risk of heart and renal diseases. A senior dog’s food should have 0.3 to 0.7 percent phosphorus and 0.15 to 0.4 percent sodium.

Top Dog Foods for Senior Dogs

You can support your senior dog’s health as they age and improve its quality of life with premium human-grade food and supplements from Open Farm. Some of the best products for senior dogs include:

Senior Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Open Farm Senior Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is dry dog food for older dogs formulated without fillers like corn or wheat for a meal that is gentle on your dog’s stomach. It’s made from humanely-raised turkey and chicken for an antibiotic- and hormone-free source of lean protein to help with weight management.

It also contains green lipped mussels, high in Omega-3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation and improve joint mobility, pumpkin and sweet potato for fiber and beta-carotene to prevent constipation and support immune function.

Hip & Joint Supplement Chews for Dogs

Poor mobility due to joint pain can reduce your dog’s activity level and cause various health issues. Open Farm Hip & Joint Supplement Chews are the ideal tasty treat for your pup to support joint health.

The chews contain natural ingredients and extracts such as ParActin, derived from the herb Andrographis paniculata. The extract improves skeletal muscle strength, helps your dog maintain a healthy inflammatory response and increases antioxidant activity to eliminate free radicals that can cause oxidative stress.

Harvest Chicken Bone Broth for Dogs

Hydration is crucial for older dogs, who are more prone to dehydration and an increased risk of kidney disease. Ensure your senior pooch gets enough fluids throughout the day by adding bone broth as a topper to their dry food for dogs or use it to rehydrate freeze-dried recipes.

In addition to regularly feeding your pet healthy wet dog food, you can enhance your dog’s mealtime with Harvest Chicken Bone Broth for Dogs, a collagen-packed supplement made from humanely-sourced chicken bones. The bones are simmered with wholesome, non-GMO ingredients such as pumpkin, carrot and turmeric.

Support Your Senior Dog With Open Farm

At Open Farm, we want to support your dog’s health at every stage of its life. Our dry, raw and cooked food for dogs are nutritionally balanced to provide all the macros, vitamins and minerals your dogs need to enjoy a healthy, active life as they age.

From premium ingredients to sustainable sourcing, we care about providing your pet with the right nutrition as much as you do. Browse our full range of pet foods today.

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