What Can I Give My Dog for Allergies?

What Can I Give My Dog for Allergies?

If your dog suffers from allergies, there are a few different ways you can help them feel better. While the specific treatment depends on your dog’s allergies, there are a few general ways to ease your dog’s discomfort and steps you can take at home to help reduce any symptoms.

You should always speak with your dog’s regular veterinarian when considering what you can give your dog for allergies. After speaking with them and learning what is suitable for your dog, try some of these tips this allergy season to keep your dog feeling its best.


While some pet parents might be tempted to give their dogs human medication, you should always exercise caution and consult a vet before giving your dog any medication.

Food as Medicine

One way to manage your dog’s allergies is to take steps to prevent any flare-ups in the first place. Feeding your dog high-quality, high protein dog food full of essential vitamins and minerals like iron, vitamin A, zinc, vitamin B12 and manganese can help build their immune system and reduce the frequency and severity of allergic reactions.

Your dog might also have issues with particular ingredients in foods that could lead to allergic reactions. It is crucial that you know every ingredient in your dog’s wet, dry and freeze dried dog food to ensure that only quality, human-grade food is in every bowl and that potential allergens are not.

Feeding your dog gently cooked dog food can give your dog a balanced diet that will not have filler or low-quality ingredients that could cause or worsen allergic reactions.

Dietary Supplements

A growing body of research shows that dog foods rich in Omega-3 fats can help prevent some of the most common dog allergies, particularly allergic skin conditions. Adding a topper rich in Omega-3 to a bowl of dry or wet food for dogs can give your dog a boost and reduce the likelihood of certain allergic reactions.

Your dog may also benefit from bone broth added to its food to supplement its usual diet. Bone broth is high in collagen, which supports your dog’s gut microbiota. A healthy gut supports your dog’s immune system, potentially making them less vulnerable to allergies.

Open Farm Dog Food for Allergies

Open Farm offers a variety of allergy-friendly recipes made from human-grade ingredients that are tailored for your dog’s health. Try single protein options such as our Catch-of-the-Season Whitefish Dry Recipe. Fish in combination with coconut act as a great source of omegas and help with your pet’s skin health.

Venison is another great protein for dogs with allergies because it is a novel protein source and can support in repeating overexposure to known allergens. Repeated exposure to an allergen may possibly cause the immune system to overreact in some pets, causing symptoms like loose stools or itchy/inflamed skin. For allergic pets, it is recommended that they switch to a protein that is from a different family (if the protein has a different molecular structure, it is less likely to cause a reaction).

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