Limited Ingredient Dog Food Options for Allergies

Limited Ingredient Dog Food Options for Allergies

Just like humans, dogs can experience food allergies, intolerances, and seasonal allergies. Therefore, it’s always important to be mindful of the ingredients in the food you’re feeding your pet. The symptoms of an allergic reaction may not show up the same way they do in humans. Scabs or rashes can appear on a dog’s skin, they may develop ear infections, or experience vomiting and diarrhea. Excessive scratching or biting at skin, paws, and ears, are also common symptoms. To ensure that your dog stays away from allergens which can cause these reactions, you must take the steps necessary to adjust your pet’s lifestyle. Keep reading to find out what dog food ingredients cause allergies in dogs, and what hypoallergenic dog food you can feed your pup to keep them happy and healthy.

What to do if you notice allergy symptoms?

If you notice symptoms of allergies in your dog, check in with your vet to receive guidance about potential food or seasonal allergies.

After checking with your vet and hearing their recommendations, make sure to stay away from dog food that consists of added colors, flavors, fillers, and protein. Traditional dog food brands tend to include a combination of flavor-enhancing artificial additives such as liver, fats, and sugar, which don’t provide any nutritional value. These ingredients are added for the sole purpose of encouraging your dog to eat the food. Limited ingredient dog food that is free from artificial flavors and chemical preservatives is the best way to go to prevent an unnecessary allergic reaction.

What to do after determining your dog's allergen or sensitivity?

Once you have successfully determined what the allergen or sensitivity is, there are several steps you can take. You may want to purchase food that has been prescribed by your vet. This will ensure that your dog is eating food that is formulated to meet their specific needs.

Otherwise, you may also want to consider buying hypoallergenic dog food, which is traditionally free from beef, dairy, wheat, and artificial flavoring. Make sure the dog food you choose clearly states which allergens are included in the ingredients. Open Farm provides the best limited ingredient dog food, made with all natural ingredients and free from chemicals or fillers. All of Open Farm’s food is corn, wheat, and soy free. We also have options for dogs that are sensitive to gluten and potatoes. In addition to our limited ingredient options, we offer single-protein options such as our Catch of the Season Whitefish dry dog food and Homestead Turkey freeze dried raw dog food. If you’re looking for poultry-free dog food, Open Farm has many options including our Surf and Turf freeze dried raw dog food, our Farmer’s Table Pork dry dog food and our New Zealand Venison dry dog food.

What ingredients help prevent allergies and sensitivities in your dog?

Ingredients that combine functional vegetables like leafy greens and superfoods like blueberries can also be helpful in preventing allergies. Coconut oil is a popular superfood that can help with skin allergies and improve your dog's coat. These superfoods are great for preventing allergies and can help boost your pet’s overall health.

If you need more guidance, our diet sensitivities chart can help you find a diet that works for your dog. If you have further questions, you can contact us by phone, live chat, and email. We’d love to help you and your dog start your journey to a happy and healthy lifestyle, with no more pesky allergic reactions.

Open Farm has everything you need for a healthy, happy pet. Shop for our best selling items for cats and dogs today.

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