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Open Farm Custom Dog Food Bowl

When you serve Open Farm, you’re creating a better bowl for your pet and our planet. Our meats are sourced from third party certified, high welfare family farms that are antibiotic and growth hormone free. Our fruits & veggies are locally sourced and exclusively non-GMO. Better ingredients don’t just taste better, they are better for your pet. But beyond the bowl, when you feed Open Farm, you’re helping to support sustainable farming practices and reduce waste from landfills.

Building your pet’s bowl to suit their exact needs just takes seconds. All you need to do is combine our existing recipes and serve. We’ve got three delicious recipes you can try at home!

Why Should You Build A Custom Bowl?

  1. It keeps mealtime interesting Especially true for those picky eaters, dogs enjoy a varied diet! Prevent boredom from eating the same food day after day by feeding them a variety of ingredients and textures.

  2. You can better suit your pet’s specific needs Diet is the key to your pet’s overall health and wellness but maybe you’re looking to boost collagen for a shiny fur and coat or you’ve been thinking of incorporating grains for a wholesome meal. Feed your dog based on their individual needs – not based on trends or fad diets.

  3. Prevents intolerance Exposing your dogs to a variety of ingredients can decrease their chances of building up intolerance and allergies!

Bowl Creations

1. A bowl to transform your dog's fur and coat

BLOG-Fur-Coat-Bowl 1

Your dog’s skin and coat do more than just add to their good looks. It plays an important role in keeping water and heat from escaping their body and prevents viruses and bacteria from building up. One of the best ways to make sure their tresses are shiny and healthy is through their diet.

What you’ll need: ⋆ Wild-Caught Salmon Dry Food ⋆ Surf & Turf Freeze Dried Raw ⋆ Homestead Turkey Bone Broth ⋆ Try the bundled kit here!

Feeding Guidelines*:

BLOG-Fur- -Coat-Chart *Formulated for 1 meal assuming 2 meals are fed per day. Guidelines based on healthy and adult dogs. Reduce or increase based on activity level.

2. A bowl to fuel active dogs

BLOG-Active-Dogs-Bowl 1 An active pooch needs functional ingredients that are rich in protein and vitamins to keep them fueled for your everyday adventures! And, if you’re pup hasn’t tried our Homestead Turkey Gently Cooked yet, they are in for a real treat. It’s a fresh, minimally processed addition to their new favorite bowl. It’s like adding the goodness of home cooking to your pup’s meal without the cooking. Try this bowl for a fool-proof power bowl!

What you’ll need: ⋆ Grass-Fed Beef Dry Food ⋆ Homestead Turkey Gently Cooked ⋆ Harvest Chicken Bone Broth

Feeding Guidelines*:

BLOG-Active-Dogs-Chart 1 *Formulated for 1 meal assuming 2 meals are fed per day. Guidelines based on a healthy, active adult dog.

Has your pup tried our Gently Cooked recipes yet? If not, click here get your free meal today!

3. A bowl full of healthy grains for dogs

BLOG-Healthy-Grains-Bowl 1 Have you ever considered adding grains to your pup’s grain-free diet, but weren’t sure were to start? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Our blend of Ancient Grains includes only whole, non-GMO, gluten free grains. They are the perfect complement to a high protein meal. Not to mention high in fibre, omega 3 fatty acids, B vitamins, magnesium and iron.

What you’ll need: ⋆ Pasture Raised Lamb Ancient Grains Dry Dog Food ⋆ Grass-Fed Beef Freeze Dried Raw ⋆ Grass-Fed Beef Stew ⋆ Try the bundled kit here!

Feeding Guidelines*:

BLOG-Healthy-Grains-Chart *Formulated for 1 meal assuming 2 meals are fed per day. Guidelines based on healthy and adult dogs. Reduce or increase based on activity level.

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