Celebrating Earth Day With Your Dog

Celebrating Earth Day With Your Dog

This April 22nd marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, an annual celebration started to honor our Earth and raise awareness to help keep our planet green and clean for creatures great and small.

Since dogs are also inhabitants of planet Earth, it’s only right for them to join in on the fun. Here are some outdoor Earth Day activities you and your canine buddy can do together this April!

Plant A Dog-Friendly Garden

Add some greenery to your space by planting a garden, flower bed, or tree. Plants not only help sequester carbon, they also provide nourishment to our bodies. We suggest choosing something pet-friendly, safe, and easy to care for. Strawberries, carrots, spinach and broccoli are some favorites.

Celebrate Earth Day with Outdoor Activities

The best way to connect with nature is to immerse yourself in it. And what better way to do that than a hike! Celebrate Earth Day with your dog by visiting a canine-friendly trail near you. Don’t forget your hiking essentials including water, snacks and biodegradable poop bags.

Take your hike up a notch by picking up garbage along the way. Bring along a garbage bag to collect any waste you see along your adventure. By cleaning up litter and waste you help protect the earth, clean your community and prevent the harm litter has on wildlife.

Reduce & Reuse

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure--and this is great for the environment! Many neighborhoods have yard sales on Earth Day to promote reusing unwanted items instead of contributing to landfills. Take note of yard sale advertisements, mask up, and bring your dog along for the ride.

Take it a step further, by cleaning out your closet and contributing to the circular sustainable economy. Consider donating your new or gently used pet supplies, towels, and blankets to a local animal shelter or rescue.

Go Green With Your Dog from Home

If you are homebound, and would prefer to celebrate Earth Day indoors with your pet, considering attending an online Earth Day event. Alternatively you can donate to the One Tree Planted Initiative or other environmental organizations whose advocacy resonates with you.

Participate in Open Farm’s Partnerships for Sustainability

Open Farm is committed to making the Earth a greener place. We believe in celebrating our Earth today and every day.

As pet parents we encourage you and your pet’s to Do Some Good™ for our planet and strive to go green. You can contribute by recycling your empty bags of Open Farm pet food through our program with TerraCycle or shop our waste-free packing with Loop.

By feeding your pet a healthy and ethically sourced meal, you are supporting our partner farms and businesses that practice sustainable production. For every Open Farm product purchased online or in-store for the months of April and May, we will be planting 1 tree. Together we can make our planet a bit greener.

Looking for more Earth Day pet activities? Learn how to reduce your pet’s carbon footprint and read more about Open Farm’s sustainability initiatives.

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