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Our Animal Welfare Certified, humanely raised turkeys are naturally raised on family farms with gentle handling, space, and the ability to engage in their natural behaviors.

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A turkey based dog food is easily digestible and an excellent way for your pet to build muscle and support brain development. Turkey dog food is also a great alternative for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities to standard beef or chicken options, or to use in rotation with your dog’s favorite proteins.

Open Farm’s Homestead Turkey & Chicken Dry Dog Food is a nutrient-dense, wholesome recipe created from a blend of free-range and humanely raised turkey and chicken that dogs go crazy for. The turkey is combined with non-GMO veggies including carrots, pumpkin, russet potatoes, and chickpeas in addition to healthy fruits like apples and its packed with superfoods and healthy vitamins to maintain your dog’s overall health.

For a great topper for kibble or as a way to rehydrate freeze-dried foods, the Homestead Turkey Bone Broth adds extra flavor and nutrients to your dog’s meal. The collagen-dense broth is made from slow-simmered turkey bones with added functional ingredients like carrot, pumpkin, and turmeric.

Like all of Open Farm’s food, the veggies are non-GMO and the turkey is humanely raised and free-range. The broth is formulated to help aid in the digestive and immune systems as well as support skin and coat health. It’s a great way to give pets added hydration during the summer months or to add flavor any time of the year. 

Be sure to give your dog the best by including a diet of high-quality ingredients and an easy-to-digest protein like turkey. Open Farm has a wide range of products for cats and dogs to improve health and enjoy a full, active life.

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