Cue the Zoomies: Open Farm is now a Certified B Corp™!

Cue the Zoomies: Open Farm is now a Certified B Corp™!

Excuse us as we bark from the rooftops: Open Farm is officially a Certified B Corp! Our mission to Do Some Good and drive positive change makes B Corp a natural progression in our promise to pet parents (you!). Now, we’re proud to join the ranks of businesses held to the same high social and environmental standards that we’ve held ourselves to since Day One. For Open Farm, making great products and doing good go hand in hand – and we’ll go to the ends of the earth, and jump through the highest hoops, to prove it.

With a B Corp score of 102.8, Open Farm is now the highest-scoring dog and cat food brand sold coast to coast in North America!

B Corp: A Global Movement for Good

B Corps are companies verified to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. These companies believe that the purpose of a company is not just profits, but also to drive social and environmental good. B Corps act in a way that benefits society as a whole.    

We’re Raising the Bar Even Higher...

With ethical sourcing already so integral to who we are, B Corp certification was a natural next step in our journey to champion the highest standards in pet food. 

Open Farm was built on the idea that land, animals, and people (and pets!) are continuously linked. Doing Good for one, leads to good for the others, creating a win-win ripple effect and lasting positive change.  Our business practices are a part of this cycle and directly impact farm animals, farmers, the environment, and beyond.

We take responsibility for our impact by setting the highest standards and obsessing over every detail to deliver on them. Since our founding, we have ensured 100% of our meat ingredients meet our rigorous animal welfare standards and have 3rd party certification.

Now, B Corp verification brings yet another layer of certainty for pet parents about our commitment to excellence.

We’re Opening the Barn Doors Even Wider...

Our B Corp journey was thorough, but we like thorough. We completed a B Impact Assessment with over 200 questions to assess the impact of our company on our community, employees, customers and the environment.

To become a B Corp, a company needs to score at least 80 points. We scored 102.8! This score reflects our obsession with delivering the highest standards in animal welfare, sustainability and transparency and our commitment to creating a fair and inclusive (and fun!) work environment.

As part of our B Corp journey we are now a public benefit corporation, meaning we are required to consider the impact of our decisions on society and the environment at every step.

The Breakdown


And We’re Just Getting Started! 

Our B Corp journey doesn’t stop here. Like us, B Corp emphasizes continual progress toward a better world. Through continuous innovation, we’ll push boundaries to deepen our positive impact on pets, people and the planet as we work toward our next B Corp audit in three years. Thank YOU, our incredible community of pet parents, for the opportunity to serve your family and reach this meaningful milestone! 

Want to know more about B Corps and Open Farm’s certification? Learn more here!

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