What is the Best Cat Food for Indoor Cats?

What is the Best Cat Food for Indoor Cats?

Cats can be notoriously picky eaters. This finickiness is especially true for indoor cats who may not have the same variety of dietary options as their outdoor counterparts. As responsible pet owners, we want to ensure our feline family members get the best nutrition possible to maintain their health and happiness.

Understanding the nutritional needs of indoor cats and what characteristics to look for in healthy cat food can help you select the best cat food for your indoor purr-pal.

Nutritional Needs of Indoor Cats

Indoor and outdoor cats share common basic dietary requirements. However, these felines have different lifestyles and activity levels, which impact their nutritional needs.

Indoor cats are typically less active. This change in activity level translates to lower calorie needs to prevent obesity, a common problem among indoor cats, some stats suggest nearly 60 percent of domestic cats qualify as overweight.

Indoor cats also need a diet that supports their urinary health, as they can be prone to urinary tract diseases, especially as they age. Since they don’t usually have access to natural grass, an indoor cat’s diet should be fiber-rich to help prevent and control hairballs.

Considerations for Selecting Cat Food for Indoor Cats

It’s important to consider your cat’s age, as kittens, adults and seniors have different nutritional requirements. Senior indoor cats, for example, often benefit from diets that support joint health and reduce risks associated with kidney disease. High-quality protein sources are crucial for all age groups to maintain muscle mass. Wet food is recommended to ensure adequate hydration because indoor cats often do not drink enough water.

High-Quality Protein Content

Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they require high-quality animal-based proteins to thrive. The protein source in their food should ideally come from real meat like chicken, turkey, fish or beef and not from fillers or by-products.

At Open Farm, we offer a variety of delicious, nutritious cat food options containing sustainable protein sources. Dry cat food options include our Catch-of-the-Season Whitefish Dry Cat Food, which contains ocean whitefish and garbanzo beans to help your kitty get their daily protein.

Our Open Prairie Grain-Free RawMix also offers protein in the form of 100% humanely raised chickens, animal welfare-certified turkey, chicken liver and turkey gizzards for a protein-packed meal.

Adequate Moisture Content

Hydration is crucial for all cats, but particularly for indoor cats. They tend to drink less water, increasing their risk of urinary tract diseases. Providing them with wet cat food or a mix of dry kibble and wet food toppers can help ensure they get enough moisture.

Our Chicken & Salmon Rustic Blend contains humanely raised chicken, wild-caught Pacific salmon, and chicken bone broth to give your cat extra hydration at mealtime. We also offer a Homestead Turkey Rustic Blend with humanely raised turkey and turkey bone broth to up their daily liquid intake.

When you purchase kitten food like our Kitten Grain-Free Dry Cat Food, familiarize yourself with the feeding guidelines. For this food, your kitten should get between ½ and ¾ of a cup per day from 1½ to 8 months if they weigh 6 lbs. or less.

Essential Nutrients and Supplements

A balanced diet for indoor cats should also contain Omega-3 fatty acids to promote healthy skin and coat, along with added vitamins and minerals, such as EPA and DHA fatty acids, beta-carotene and vitamin C for overall health.

Our RawMix cat food can give your cat a range of nutrients to stay healthy and happy. The Wild Ocean Grain-Free RawMix blend contains whitefish, salmon and rockfish, which are all high in omega-3s, along with non-GMO cranberries and pumpkin, which provide fiber, vitamin C and beta carotene.

A Healthy Cat is a Happy Cat

Choosing the best cat food for your indoor cat requires understanding their unique needs and selecting a diet that offers high-quality, animal-based protein, adequate hydration, controlled calories and the essential nutrients they need.

Your indoor cat can lead a long, healthy, and happy life with a balanced diet, regular exercise and your love and attention. Explore Open Farm cat foods, which provide balanced nutrition for indoor cats and are crafted with ethically sourced ingredients.

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