5 Tips for the First-Time Dog Owners

5 Tips for the First-Time Dog Owners

Many first-time dog owners worry about how they will be as pet parents and want to ensure their dog is set up for the best life possible. If you are a first-time dog owner, check out these tips and get off to a great start as a pet parent.

1. Research and Understand Your Dog

There are 339 official dog breeds, each with its own personality, not to mention the individual character of every dog. Some dogs are more energetic, some lazier. Some will tear apart a room if left alone; others will sleep on a couch all day. Knowing your dog’s personality and needs helps you be a better pet parent.

2. Prepare Your Home

You need to prepare your home for your dog to ensure they have a safe space to live and explore. Ensure any chewing or choking hazards are removed before the dog arrives and block off stairs and rooms unsuitable for a dog with safety gates.

Place protective foam or silicone bumpers on the corners of coffee tables and TV stands and consider adding protective sleeves to chair and table legs to protect against chewing. Cover outlets and exposed electrical wires and place locks on cabinets and low drawers containing items like cleaning products or foods hazardous to dogs.

3. Choose a Good Diet

A dog needs a balanced diet to grow and thrive. You should choose a healthy, all-natural, human-grade diet specific to your dog’s age, size and breed, like the nutritious food from Open Farm. Choose from some of our vitamin and mineral-rich, gently cooked foods that have been thoughtfully prepared for every dog.

For dogs with special dietary needs, consider adding toppers or supplements to their diet. Liquid toppers like bone broth are rich in collagen, making them an excellent choice for highly active pets or breeds prone to joint issues.

4. Build a Training Routine

Dogs thrive on routine and establishing a good training routine right away will help your dog acclimate to your home and family. Establishing feeding times, bathroom times and walk times can help your dog have some structure and understand what will happen during the day. Do your best to maintain this routine as much as possible to avoid undue stress on your dog.

5. Find a Good Vet

Every dog needs to visit a veterinarian and building a relationship with a good vet can benefit your dog. Dogs do not like unfamiliar situations, so introducing them to the vet’s office from a young age and letting them become acclimated can help them behave better on future visits.

Enjoy Life With your Dog

Being a pet parent is one of the greatest joys in life, but it is also a great responsibility. Your new dog will help you understand their needs and you both will adapt to each other. One of the best ways to establish a positive dog-owner relationship is by feeding your dog a nutritious diet of organic human-grade food and treats from Open Farm. Discover our delicious dog food today.

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