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Our humanely raised, Animal Welfare Certified Beef is grass-fed, pasture raised and free from antibiotics and growth hormones.

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Beef is one of the first meats most people think of when choosing a dog food. Beef dog food is a great nutrient-dense source of protein packed with the flavors dogs love. Open Farm offers dog food made from 100% grass-fed and flavorful non-GMO fruits and veggies like pumpkin, sweet potatoes and apples to add even more vitamins and minerals to your dog’s diet. 

Open Farm’s Grass-Fed Beef & Ancient Grains Dry Dog Food is protein-packed with nutrient-dense and humanely raised beef with ancient grains such as quinoa, chia seeds, and oats. The 100% grass-fed beef is pasture raised is high in vitamin E and a great source of protein to support a dog’s growth and overall health. The beef is combined with oats for even more protein as well as iron, B vitamins, and fiber to help digestion.

For an alternative to standard beef dog food, you can feed your pet a wholesome and hearty meal of 100% grass-fed ground beef like Open Farm’s Gently Cooked Grass-Fed Beef. The human-grade ingredients include carrots, kale, zucchini, butternut squash and nutrient-dense liver. Dog’s love the fresh food taste and experience without their owner needing to slave over the stove. The beef is cooked sous-vide to remove bacteria while retaining flavor and shipped to your house in pre-portioned pouches for easy meal times. 

Open Farm creates meals that your cats and dogs actually look forward to eating. All our ingredients are sustainably sourced from vetted farms around the globe to create high-quality products for your pets. Check out Open Farm’s large selection of beef based dog food from freeze dried dog food, both broth, and cooked meat. You’ll find something nutritious that your pet will love.

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