RawMix with Ancient Grains

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At Open Farm, we aim to provide pets with nourishing and sustainable nutrition while promoting transparency and ethical practices in the pet food industry. We believe that pets deserve the same high-quality ingredients we would choose for ourselves. That’s why we are committed to sourcing human-grade, ethically-raised proteins and non-GMO produce for our products.

Our RawMix collection offers a range of dog food focusing on raw and minimally processed nutrition. We understand the importance of feeding dogs a diet that resembles the ingredients their ancestors ate in the wild. RawMix dog food is carefully crafted to deliver the benefits of raw food while maintaining convenience and safety.

The RawMix collection features ancient grains and grain-free recipes that combine high-quality proteins, healthy fats and natural supplements to support your dog’s overall health and well-being. Our nutritious and delicious recipes also provide a wholesome treat for your canine. Support Your Pup’s Health at Every Stage

As your puppy grows, their nutrition needs change. To ensure your pup has all the nutrients and vitamins they require to fuel their growing body, Open Farm offers a RawMix Grain-free formula and Ancient Grains recipe.

Ancient Grains Recipe

With RawMix Ancient Grains Recipe, you can provide your pet with a well-rounded and balanced diet that includes the benefits of ancient grains, high-quality proteins, healthy fats and natural supplements. Feed your dog RawMix Ancient Grains Recipe and nourish them with nature's best ingredients.

Open Prairie Ancient Grains RawMix for Dogs is a wholesome and nutrient-rich kibble with a nutritious blend of harvest chicken and homestead turkey that will surely leave your pup satisfied and nourished. Sourced from humanely raised birds, the chicken liver provides B vitamins, essential minerals and a protein-packed punch, while the turkey gizzards are rich in healthy fats to support strong muscles. 

The slow-simmered chicken bone broth is a source of collagen, supporting healthy joints and skin and whole grain barley, packed with fiber, minerals and vitamins, adds wholesome goodness to the recipe.

Key Features and Benefits of Open Farm RawMix

Open Farm’s RawMix is sustainably sourced from human-grade quality ingredients. Our kibble is nutritionally balanced, providing a mix of healthy grains, grass-fed proteins, beneficial fats and high-quality plant-based nutrients. 

 Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

At Open Farm, we prioritize sustainably sourced ingredients for our RawMix collection. Our responsibly sourced ingredients come from ethical and environmentally conscious suppliers. This means that the meat, fish and other ingredients used in our recipes are obtained in a way that minimizes harm to the planet and promotes sustainable practices. 

Human-Grade Quality

Our canine companions deserve the best, so we use human-grade ingredients in RawMix. Human-grade quality ensures ingredients meet the same standards as those used in human food. This means that the meat and produce used in our recipes are of the highest quality, free from artificial additives and provide optimal nutrition for your dog. 

Balanced Nutrition

Ensuring your dog’s well-being starts with a balanced diet. RawMix recipes are meticulously crafted to deliver the perfect blend of nutrients necessary for optimal health. Each recipe features high-quality proteins for strong muscles, healthy fats for a lustrous coat and supple skin and natural supplements that bolster the immune system. 

Feeding Guidelines

The recommended daily cups for adult dogs vary depending on their weight and activity level. For example, a dog weighing up to 10 pounds may require up to ¾ cup if less active or up to 1 cup if more active.

When transitioning your dog to RawMix, follow a 10-day plan. Start with 75% of their old pet food and 25% RawMix for the first three days. Gradually increase the ratio, moving to 50% old food and 50% RawMix for days four to six, then 25% old food and 75% RawMix for days seven to nine. Finally, feed them 100% RawMix on day ten for a complete transition.

To maintain freshness, store RawMix in the original bag and use it within two months after opening. 

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Premium nutrition

Premium nutrition

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Over-the-top tracing

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Climate strategy commitment

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