The Best Christmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for Dogs 2020

The Best Christmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for Dogs 2020

As the holiday season draws near, it’s time to spread some cheer! And why shouldn’t your dog be part of the fun? At Open Farm, we know that our furry friends are very much a part of our families. So if you’re ready to play Santa for your pup, then keep reading for our list of the best Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers guaranteed to make any dog feel the holiday spirit! GiftGuideBlogPost

1. Snuffle mat

A snuffle mat is a large mat with places to hide treats and toys. There are simple ones made solely of long strips of cloth, and others that have small cloth pockets and hiding places. It’s one of the best dog gifts because it’s a great way to keep them engaged while safe and warm from the cold weather. Hide your dog’s favorite toys and treats in the mat and watch them snuffle through it. The Stellaire Chern Snuffle Mat is made for small and large dogs, is machine washable, and made with upcycled materials. This mat is easy to fill and has lots of pockets, holes, and flaps for your pup to explore. Your dog will be so busy playing with her new toy, she’ll stop chewing furniture and digging up your garden. A win-win for both owner and pet!

2. Dog booties

With this gift, you’ll be giving your dog a snazzy fashion statement as well as protection from the elements. Dog boots are great for all-year use as a safeguard against ice, salt, and snowmelt chemicals during the winter, blistering pavement during the summer, and sharp sticks, stones, and seeds during the spring and fall. The Unlined Wellies by Canada Pooch are all-season dog boots for total paw protection. These boots are made of waterproof silicone and come in red, black, and yellow. Give them a go inside the house for practice before taking your dog out. Once your dog gets used to the boots, they will serve your furry friend well.

3. Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Among the many Christmas presents for dogs you can find in the aisles of a pet store, the one thing you can’t go wrong with is a delicious bowl of food. So while you’re enjoying your holiday meal, lay out your furry buddy’s Yuletide feast: freeze-dried raw dog food, made from 85% protein from raw animal ingredients, organic fruits, and vegetables. The freeze-drying process conserves the nutrients while removing the water, allowing for a much longer shelf life. Open Farm’s freeze-dried raw dog food comes in 6 flavors for your dog to enjoy. Whether you want to serve it as a complete meal or as a topper to her normal dog food, you can be sure your dog will appreciate this yummy and nutritious gift.

4. Dog Sweaters

Jack Frost nipping at your dog’s nose? Keep them warm with a cute sweater! More than just a great prop for your season’s greetings photo op, doggie sweaters help prevent hypothermia. If your dog is small, slight-of-build, or has short hair, they’ll need the extra layer when going outside. Canada Pooch has dog sweaters to fit any dog’s personality, from leopard print to camouflage and tie-dye. Bigger dogs are able to generate more body heat, so a sweater may not be needed if they’ll be outdoors only for a short while. Your dog might not be able to tell you verbally when they need warmth, but if you noticed heat-seeking behavioral patterns, take it as your cue to add a dog sweater to their Christmas list.

5. Dog Toys

Santa makes toys for all the good boys and girls--including four-legged ones! Getting a new toy or two is a surefire way to make your dog feel the Yuletide cheer. But how do you know which toys make great Christmas gifts for dogs? Take stock of what she already has and try to get something completely different. New shapes and new textures will excite your dog and keep her busy indoors. Or you could take note of her favorite toy and buy a holiday-themed version! Try Merry & Bright’s Christmas tree stuff toy, squeaky plush Santa, or Holiday Bone tug toy for your dog’s stocking stuffer this year.

6. Dog Treats

You can’t go wrong with dog treats for Christmas! If you have some time on your hands, you can make your own healthy dog treats. Make sure the recipe you’re following uses non-toxic, dog-friendly ingredients.

If you don’t want to add to the growing pile of dishes you’ll have to wash from cooking your own Christmas feast, you might want to buy ready-made ones. A guilt-free and drool-inducing option would be Open Farm’s pet treat line. Between dehydrated cod skin, chicken, or turkey flavor, your dog might have a hard time picking just one favorite. A treat-filled Christmas stocking is sure to make your dog happy during the holidays.

7. Dog Beds

There is nothing better than curling up in front of a warm heater on a cold winter’s day...unless it’s curling up in front of a warm heater on a cold winter’s day with a brand new dog bed! Diggs has top quality crates and dog beds, from snooz pads to collapsible crates. If your dog is geriatric or has joint or bone problems, she will appreciate a comfy dog bed to sleep in.

8. Dog Puzzles

Dog puzzles are some of the best dog gifts to keep your dog occupied during the winter months. You may be overwhelmed by all the different shapes, sizes, and styles available. KONG’s classic dog toy is great for hiding treats and keeping your dog fulfilled during playtime. Watch as your dog sniffs it, and celebrate together as they figure it out. Not only is this a great way to keep your dog’s mind sharp, it’s also a great bonding activity for the two of you.

A Present for Every Dog

Whichever dog gifts you end up getting, don’t forget to give your dog the best present of all: your love and attention. With a gift or two waiting for her under the tinsel tree, a warm Open Farm meal in her bowl, and lots of pats and kisses from the humans they love, your dog’s Christmas is complete.

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