3 Must-Haves: What to Look for in Dog Food Ingredients

3 Must-Haves: What to Look for in Dog Food Ingredients

When it comes to food, pet parents want the best diet for their dog at every stage of their dog’s life. A proper, balanced diet can help dogs live longer, healthier lives. Eating the right balance of nutrients can promote flexible joints, a soft full coat, keen eyesight and healthy teeth. It can also prevent several diseases, including anal gland disease and canine diabetes.

There are several must-haves when it comes to dog food that are essential parts of every dog’s diet. If you are looking to upgrade your dog’s diet or feel your dog is not receiving the necessities he or she requires, consider freeze-dried food or collagen-based dog nutrition supplements to help them get the nutrition they need. The exact balance varies by breed and age, but here is a list of what every dog should eat every day to be the healthiest, happiest pup.

Meat Protein

It is essential you feed your dog unprocessed meat. If the dog food has an ingredients list featuring meat meal, the meat has been highly processed and has lost a significant amount of the protein, fats and minerals your dog needs.

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If your dog’s favorite food does not have the amount of protein your dog should be receiving at its age, consider adding collagen-based bone broth dog supplements to the dry kibble. This rich source of protein has been slow-cooked to retain all the nutrients your dog needs for a strong digestive tract and a thick, full coat. This can also be used as a topper on your dog’s usual bowl and make up for a diet without sufficient protein.

Organ Meat

Organ meat is rich in Vitamins A, B, D and E and minerals, such as iron, zinc and selenium. Many dog foods will over-process the organ meat or use the lowest quality organ cuttings possible. To live a healthy life, your dog shouldn’t be eating cuttings or leftovers.

Freeze-dried dog food is an excellent option for preserving the organs’ vitamins and minerals and ensuring your dog gets the right amount of organ meat in the daily diet.

Plant-Based Fiber

Like humans, dogs need fiber to keep their digestive tracts working properly. The best source of fiber is from plants, but not all plants are as fibrous as others. Ingredients like soy or corn are often used as cheap fillers and offer little nutritional value.

Better sources of plant-based fiber are leafy greens like kale, whole grains like oats and even pumpkin and apples. Any kibble dog food you feed your pet should contain a balanced blend of whole food sources of fiber. Plus, our gently cooked dog food is packed with healthy fibers, vegetables and are great meal toppers to add additional nutritional value.

Healthy Food for a Healthy Dog

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Every pet owner wants what’s best for their dog, and feeding their dog a balanced diet is a top priority. Open Farm has a range of products carefully designed so that every dog gets the nutrition they need while also ensuring the food is sourced in an ethical, sustainable way. From healthy dry kibble to bone broths and supplements, we have a range of products to suit every dog’s taste and provide the best nutrition for all stages of life.

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