What Excites Us About Making an Impact

What Excites Us About Making an Impact

It has always been our mission at Open Farm to do some good for animals and planet. Pet parents trust us to provide them with ethically and sustainably sourced high-quality nutrition and fulfilling that promise is our obsession. With a changing climate and escalating urgency around protecting natural resources, it is critical for our mission to be engrained in our roles every day, not just on Earth Day.

Fulfilling our mission means setting big, ambitious goals which require a fundamental change to the way we as a company operate. With big goals like Science-Based Target emissions and our Zero waste to landfill commitment — sustainability is a key focus for each of us at Open Farm. And we have a 5-woman Impact team leading the way. They're on the forefront of change for Open Farm and the future of the pet industry. See what they're excited about most!

Paige, Impact Coordinator: Working at Open Farm has shown me that with passion and purpose, sustainability can be achieved in corporate planning. When we think of sustainability, most commonly we think about our individual impact, but the reality is our furry friends have an impact too. It is exciting to see brands in the pet industry acknowledge this and set goals towards preserving our beautiful Earth. Open Farm is paving the way for this space to exist. Every day I am excited to learn more and empower our customers to feel good when feeding their pet.

Pascale, Impact Manager: Through our work at Open Farm, we can have an impact on a much larger scale than we ever could as individuals alone. Having this opportunity to leverage my passion as well as skills and experience to help our brand, and by extension our customers, drive meaningful change is incredibly exciting and rewarding. I get to witness every day how our shared goal of doing some good for animals and planet has the power to unite everyone we connect with – from farmers to pet parents. The stakes have never been higher but I truly believe that together, we can rise to the challenge.

Gwen, Associate Director of Sustainability: I believe consumers (including pet parents!) are looking for brands like Open Farm to lead when it comes to making changes that are good for the planet, and are prepared to buy products from companies that put themselves out there to do some good. I’m excited to work for a brand that is rooted in purpose and committed to making a positive impact!

Megan, Director of Impact: There can be a lot of anxiety around climate, that the problems are too big and complex to ever be solved. What excites me most about working in Impact for Open Farm is that I can see the progress we’re making in reducing our footprint each week. We only have so many turns of the crank before 2025 or before 2030 so every day has to count. I’m thankful for such a strong team of passionate people across the company to help us get there.

Want to know more about our journey, our team, challenges and small wins? Reach out, we don’t bite.

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