Open Farm’s Loop Program

Open Farm’s Loop Program

Being a fur parent entails additional plastic waste. One of the major sources of that is pet food. Bags and bags of it are thrown out everyday, and more often than not, they end up being part of the 91% of plastic that will never be recycled.

Open Farm’s commitment to sustainability extends not just to the food formulation and ingredient sourcing, but to packaging as well. Through the concept of closed loop recycling, you can get the same quality Open Farm product, minus the waste.

What is closed-loop recycling?

If you find yourself scratching your head and wondering “what is loop recycling?”, know that you’re already partially familiar with the concept as just plain recycling. We say partially because what people know as recycling is actually open-loop recycling. 

This is the idea of using waste in its original form and processing it to be used for a different purpose--say plastic bottles to make jackets. While this is helpful, the model does not address the problem of trash at its root cause. Why? Because in the process of converting one thing to another, there are parts of the original that you do not need and end up throwing away.

Enter closed loop recycling. This model involves processing the original material into the same product as it was before. In this case, a plastic bottle is cleaned, processed, and used as a plastic bottle once again.  Because closed-loop recycling involves using material for the same purpose over and over again, all of the original material is used. Nothing is wasted!

How does loop recycling of Open Farm products work?

Open Farm is proud to partner with Terracycle, a loop recycling company, for this endeavor.   Their durable, high-quality totes ensure the freshness and quality of our pet food not just once, but multiple times. In this way, the ownership of the packaging (and the responsibility for it) shifts from the consumer to the producer. 

An easy way to understand the Loop Program is by imagining the “milkman” model. In the not-so-distant past, you could purchase milk in glass bottles from milkmen. After you finish it, you leave the same glass bottle out, which the milkmen clean and reuse to deliver milk to you again.

In the same way, the loop packaging is used to bring our products to the homes of our customers.

To participate in this program, visit the Loop store and browse the selection of Open Farm products available. Our Loop brands include the Freeze Dried Raw food, Dry Cat and Dog Food, and Dog Treat lines. A small added fee allows you to use a recyclable tote, designed for multiple uses. 

Bring home the goods to your pet and watch them enjoy their healthy and tasty meal. Once the contents have been licked clean, you can have the recyclable tote picked up for free. It is then thoroughly cleaned and refilled with another batch of pet food.

Open Farm is a premier source for sustainable pet products. Find your favorite dog or cat food and get started with the Loop program today!

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