Our 2022 Impact Report

Our 2022 Impact Report

Open Farm is excited to announce the publication of our first-ever Impact Report. This document is for pet parents, and other stakeholders curious to learn how buying Open Farm pet food can support the health of their pets and the planet.

The Impact Report shares our progress and shows our commitment to take transparency to the next level. We were launched with the idea that pet food can benefit pets, farm animals and the planet. Our vision was to do more than change what our pet food was made from; we wanted to rethink how it was made and sourced. So that’s what we did and we share all the details in our Impact Report.
Welcome inside the barn doors of Open Farm. Learn fun facts about the company, see pictures of our office dogs and discover how many pounds of pet food we have produced in the past eight years. Inside, you’ll also find our goals, what we did, what we’re doing and where we’re going (basically the whole run down). We bring to life the four pillars of the Open Farm Promise: Nutrition, animal welfare, sustainability and transparency, including goals and progress for each.
For animal nutrition, we’ll dive into our obsession with delivering high-quality nutrition through the best responsibly sourced ingredients and the right balance of nutrients, including essential amino acids, fatty acids and functional superfoods. We’ll explore our traceability program, including tracking every ingredient back to its source and only working with farmers and manufacturers who pass a stringent audit process.

You will read about our animal welfare standards, how they have not changed from our first bag of kibble and how we continue to raise the bar for farm animals. This includes partnering with organizations like Certified Humane®, Oceanwise®, and the Global Animal Partnership.

These organizations help us maintain our strict standards for sustainability and ethical farming practices, helping create pet foods that protect the natural environment and ensure the humane treatment of animals, all while providing pets with optimal nutrition.

You’ll also learn how we plan to lower our environmental impact through waste, carbon and nature-focused initiatives, including reducing carbon emissions by 42% by 2030. We share the methodologies used to measure our emissions and reduce our footprint, including diverting at least 90% of the solid waste produced during manufacturing into recycling facilities.

It also includes emissions offsetting strategies such as supporting wind farms, forest conservation and regeneration.

As we continue to grow, we are more committed than ever to providing full transparency to our retailers and pet parents to create a more positive impact in the industry. We will continue to report on our progress in an annual report aligned with each calendar year. We’ll also continue to publish content across our website and social media platforms to educate and build trust with pet parents. Read the whole report here, and see you in 2023!

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