Introducing: The Open Farm Promise

Introducing: The Open Farm Promise

Open Farm’s priorities have remained consistent since we launched as a brand 9 years ago in 2014. We built our business on a foundation of high animal welfare, best-in-class nutrition, innovative sustainability, and full transparency. As we’ve grown, so too has our ability to make an impact in the value chains in which we operate. We’ve been able to deepen and expand our approach to our core brand tenets and lean into our obsession with delivering the best quality and nutrition for pets while grazing lightly on the planet. Some call this going overboard, but we call this the Open Farm Promise.

The Open Farm Promise is just what it sounds like – our promise to deliver on Open Farm’s four key principles. It reflects the inextricable link between the way ingredients are grown and raised and the nutrition they deliver. It sets in stone our commitment to craft the most nutritious recipes, partner with humane and regenerative farms and ranches, lower our waste and carbon footprint, and transparently share the details with pet parents.

At Open Farm, we spend a lot of time in the details. Whether we’re researching new ingredients to give your pet the highest quality nutrition available or evaluating different polymers to make sure our product packaging is widely recyclable or scouring the globe to work with the most advanced farmers and ranchers. We’re able to really geek out on our Mission to Do Some Good for animals and the planet, and we want pet parents to be just as jazzed about it so we created the Open Farm Promise.

We are only nine years into our journey to help pets live their healthiest, happiest lives by delivering exceptional nutrition made form the world’s best responsibly sourced ingredients. We have experienced amazing growth over that time and have been able to deepen roots and advance our commitments in our same four core brand tenets of nutrition, animal welfare, transparency, and sustainability. We are so excited you’re part of our story.

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