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Start your kitten on the right nutritious path with high-protein kitten recipes created specifically to help with growth and development.

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Open Farm’s commitment to sustainable and ethically-sourced ingredients make our products the right choice for your kitten. Our food for kittens is created with their unique needs, offering additional protein, fat and the amino acid taurine to give them the energy they need to grow strong and healthy.

To support a kitten’s growth, these diets are packed with protein and taurine to aid in eye health and liver function. Kittens also need 18%-25% fat in their diet to optimize physical strength and help absorb Vitamins A, E, and other fat-soluble vitamins necessary for healthy growth.

The Wild Caught Salmon Dry Cat Food is the perfect option for kittens. Our protein-packed dry food supports your kitten’s coat and skin and promotes a healthy immune and digestive system to help kittens as they grow. Its sustainably-sourced ingredients, such as salmon, cranberries, chickpeas, pumpkin, coconut oil and apples, are all non-GMO or wild-caught. 

Try the Certified Humane Goat Milk Antioxidant Blend for Cats for additional nutrients. It’s a low-lactose goat’s milk with organic blueberries, raspberries, and spinach that tastes great and is the perfect way to boost your kitten’s immune system. 

The milk is high in calcium but low in lactose to aid digestion. It promotes strong teeth and bones and is high in antioxidants from the berries to help the immune system. Simply top your kitten’s dry food with one to four ounces, depending on their body weight. 

The Bone Broth Bundle is the ideal way to boost your kitten’s diet and provide them with optimal nutrition and hydration. The bundle comes with three broth flavors: Homestead Turkey, Harvest Chicken, and Grass-Fed Beef. Each of the broths has been slow-simmered with ingredients like turmeric, non-GMO pumpkin and carrot for added vitamins and minerals, like Vitamin C and E. 

To ensure you’re reaching your cat’s ideal dietary needs, feed them Open Farm’s ethically-sourced line of cat foods including wet and dry foods, milk products, and both broths. Our commitment to creating sustainable pet foods ensures you can feel confident knowing that your cat’s needs are met at each stage of their life. 

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