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Bone Broth for Cats

Take their next meal up a notch with collagen-rich bone broth.

In addition to a healthy kibble or wet food, you can use supplements to ensure your cat is getting all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and active. Shop our line of cat supplements at Open Farm to give your cat’s diet a boost of antioxidant-rich nutrients.

Use bone broths as a dry kibble topper to offer additional nutritional benefits for healthy joints, skin, and coat. For a collagen-rich broth for cats, try our Harvest Chicken Bone Broth. Simmered in small batches, this bone broth is rich in collagen and glycine and offers ingredients like pumpkin and carrots to provide beta-carotene and fiber.

In addition to chicken broth, we also offer turkey and beef broth. Both our Grass-Fed Beef Broth and our Homestead Turkey Broth have anti-inflammatory ingredients like cinnamon and turmeric, along with fiber-rich ingredients like pumpkin and carrots to improve your cat’s immune function. They use parsley to offer vitamins A, C and K to support healthy skin and joints. 

Keep your cats active and healthy with ethically-sourced supplements and probiotics for cats. Shop the organic and non-GMO products at Open Farm.

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