Tricks to (sometimes) Tricky Packaging

Tricks to (sometimes) Tricky Packaging

Having packaging problems? Finding it impossible to avoid a mess? The struggle is real when you just can’t seem to avoid these troubles come mealtime. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks for feeding our Rustic Stews and blends.

1. Give it a good shake

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Prior to opening, give the box a good couple of shakes — this will help distribute the contents and not leave anything settling at the bottom.

2. Scissors are your friend

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Opening along the tear line can sometimes be a bit tricky — try using scissors to get the pull tab started or just cut all the way through!

3. Use a spoon or pinch a corner

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We’ve found that using a spoon is the least messy way to scoop out the food, but you can also try pinching a corner to help with pouring.

4. Try a lick mat

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Lick mats can help reduce the ever-present risk of splash when feeding and keep your pup occupied for longer.

5. Rinse and swirl

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When you can’t get every last drop in the pouch, try pouring water (or bone broth!) into the pouch and swirl. Voila!

Have some pro tips of your own? Share them with us via email, chat, social or even give us a good old fashioned phone call 1-833-399-3403.

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