Holiday Treats to Spoil Your Dog

Holiday Treats to Spoil Your Dog

As the festive season approaches, it’s time to consider how we can show our love and appreciation for our furry companions. Open Farm’s line of treats offers a unique opportunity to shower your pet with affection these holidays.

With Open Farm, your pet can enjoy delicious snacks packed with health benefits and high-quality, natural ingredients. This Christmas, give your pet the gift of Open Farm.

Open Farm Be Good Bites

Open Farm Be Good Bites are soft, chewy training treats crafted with the finest ethically sourced ingredients. Made with humanely raised and wild-caught proteins, non-GMO fruits and grains, they are a sustainable and nutritious option for your pet. They are tiny, tasty and only 2.5 calories per serving, making every training session extra rewarding.

The Be Good Bites chicken recipe offers a delicious blend of high-quality chicken, sweet potatoes and pumpkin, which not only offer a burst of flavor but also provide essential nutrients like vitamin A, C and beta-carotene for healthy skin and coat. Plus, Open Farm’s transparent full ingredient list with traceable sources ensures you know exactly what you’re feeding your dog.

Open Farm Jerky Strips

For a treat that combines taste, nutrition and a bit of indulgence, give your pet the gift of Open Farm’s Soft & Chewy Jerky Strips. These large, tender, meaty treats are packed with protein. Serve them whole or easily break them into smaller pieces for training rewards. These tail-wagging treats will be a hit with your pooch this holiday season.

The Grain-Free Grass-Fed Beef Jerky Strips are a perfect treat for your protein-loving pup. Each strip features certified humane and sustainably sourced beef, chickpeas and flaxseed. Chickpeas add a rich source of protein and fiber, while the non-GMO flaxseed is known for its high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. These jerky strips are a health-conscious and irresistible stocking stuffer for your pet this Christmas.

Open Farm Dehydrated Treats Open Farm Dehydrated Treats are a fantastic choice for pet owners seeking healthy dog treats that don’t compromise taste. These treats are protein-rich and suitable for puppies, adult dogs and seniors. Their lightweight and resealable packaging makes them perfect for on-the-go training and traveling. Doubling as a tasty meal topper and a rewarding training aid, your dog’s tail will wag with every bite.

The Dehydrated Cod Fish Treats delight dogs who love crunchy snacks. Made from sustainably sourced, wild-caught cod, these single-ingredient treats are lightly cooked and dehydrated at a low temperature, preserving their nutritional value and delicious taste. Free from antibiotics, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors and preservatives, these treats follow Open Farm’s commitment to ethical sourcing and traceability. Make the right choice for your pet this holiday with Open Farm’s Dehydrated Cod Fish Treats.

Open Farm Freeze Dried Raw Morsels

Open Farm’s Freeze Dried Raw Morsels are a fantastic high protein source, containing 85-95% meat, organ and bones. They pair well with dry kibble and satisfy even the most picky canine palates. Open Farm’s freeze-dried raw morsels ensure your pet receives the perfect blend of protein, vitamins and minerals without any filler, offering a balanced diet for your pet.

The Surf & Turf Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food offers a delicious blend of pasture-raised raw beef and Ocean Wise® approved wild-caught salmon. Using 100% Animal Welfare Certified Beef and wild-caught Pacific Salmon, this recipe is high in quality protein and vital omega-3 fatty acids.

Treat Your Pet This Christmas

This holiday season, treat your beloved pet to treats from Open Farm. Your furry family member deserves nothing but the best and with Open Farm’s industry-leading quality in treats and food, you can ensure they’re getting the nutrition they need for a happy, healthy holiday season.

Spoil your pet with Open Farm’s range of nutritious, delicious, ethically sourced products. As they unwrap their treats this Christmas, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve chosen the best for your pet, a gift that keeps giving with every bite.

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