Late Summer Activities for Dogs & Ways to Keep Them Cool 

Open Farm Summer Activities For Dogs

Outdoor Activities for Dogs During the Summer

As pandemic restrictions lift across the world, there are more opportunities for you, your friends, and your family to spend time together outside - that includes your dog!

Here we list a few ideas for fun dog-friendly summer activities that you can do in the next few weeks.

What Activities Can I Do With My Dog In The Summer?

With recent sunny days and green grass, now is the perfect time to find dog-friendly summer activities. Whether it’s as simple as visiting a dog park on the other side of the city, or as adventurous as planning a hiking trip in the woods, there are a lot of fun summer activities for dogs to choose from.

No matter where you decide to take your dog, the summer is a perfect opportunity to get you and your dog some exercise. Your dog will appreciate the change of scenery and the quality time you two spend together.

Just make sure to wear your mask and practice social distancing wherever you go, and be conscious of the hot summer weather so your dog does not overheat.

  1. Going on a Hike - Look up what nearby hikes are dog-friendly! Some trails will restrict dogs due to wildlife, so make sure you do your research before setting out on your adventure. Bring along some water, a sturdy harness and leash, and get ready to explore with your best friend.

  2. Scheduling a Puppy Playdate - Have a friend (or their dog) that you’ve been wanting to see for ages? A puppy playdate is the perfect summer activity for dogs this year. Make sure you bring along some snacks and water for you and your dog if the playdate is happening somewhere away from home.

  3. Going to a Dog Park - Over the last few months, your local dog park may not have been on your priorities list due to often high concentrations of people. However, as we all get used to socializing again (dogs and humans alike), the dog park is the perfect place to meet new people and have fun with your dog!

  4. Having a Picnic in the Park - Grab your closest, COVID-safe friends and pack a lunch! If one of your friends has an enclosed backyard where you can let the dogs loose to play, that will simplify the process. If you go to a park instead, make sure you keep the dogs on leashes! Bring along snacks for the dogs too - frozen beef broth treats are the perfect way to keep them cool and ready to play.

Is It Safe to Walk Dogs in the Summer Heat?

If you are concerned about whether it is too hot to walk your dog, it is time to check the weather. Unfortunately, many places in the US see temperatures well above the potential dog heatstroke temperature, which becomes a risk at about 68°F. If the temperature is below 68°F, you are in the clear. However, if the temperature rises higher, there are a few potential risks. For example, black street pavement can become extremely hot. Even sidewalks can heat up to harmful temperatures!

Overheating your dog can be dangerous, and unfortunately fairly easy since they have different ways to cool down such as panting. Whether you are hiking up a mountain, or simply walking around the neighborhood, you can see signs of overheating. This is why it is vital to make sure you have a surefire way to keep your dog cool so you and your pup can still enjoy outdoor Summer activities.

How Can I Keep My Dog Cool on Hot Days?

Summer weather can get hot and humid for our furry friends. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to keep your dog cool in the summer.

When you take your dog outside for dog-friendly summer activities, keep an eye out for excessive panting and signs of fatigue. Remember that dogs can’t sweat, so this is how they regulate their body temperature. If you’ve only been out a couple of minutes and your dog is already panting loudly, it may be a good idea to go back inside and take a walk later when it’s a little cooler.

During the summer, the heat of the sun may be beating down on the sidewalk, making it a pain on your puppy's paws. You might not feel the heat with your shoes on, but for your dog’s sake, take a walk in grassy or shaded areas.

One of the best ways to keep your dog cool while enjoying summer dog activities is to keep a water dish handy. This is especially important if you go on long walks or hikes. Just like humans, dogs need to stay hydrated too. If you plan on going for a longer walk, bring a water bowl and mini bowl for your pup to stay hydrated.

Cool Treats for Dogs During the Summer

While summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors, increased physical activity combined with high temperatures can take a toll on your dog. What can you do to help them stay healthy and energetic enough to enjoy all these dog-friendly summer activities?

One delicious way for your pup to cool down after a walk is to make a frozen bone broth treat for them. Luckily, Open Farm has a recipe for you to use to learn how to make homemade frozen treats. This added source of hydration is a big help when it comes to keeping your dog cool in the summer months.

No matter what summer activities you decide to do with your dog, they are sure to enjoy the time you spend together. Make sure you stock up on your pup’s favorite products today, and get ready for some outdoor exploration this summer!

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