National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day

Any day is a good day to celebrate puppies, but did you know that there is an actual date designated just for that?

That’s right! There is actually an official National Puppy Day, which happens every March 23rd. This was established in 2006 by pet and home lifestyle expert Colleen Paige. This is a time to celebrate the unconditional love we give our puppies, and the unconditional love they give us right back.

While this may seem like all fun and games, National Puppy Day also has a more serious objective: To raise awareness about the plight of puppies raised in puppy mills. This unethical business model involves maltreating dogs and forcing them to bear litter upon litter of puppies in unhealthy conditions.

Vet clinics, animal rescue centers, and animal welfare activists use National Puppy Day to remind people that they have the power to stop puppy mills simply by considering adoption. Instead of giving your money to fuel irresponsible breeders, save a shelter dog’s life by welcoming one into your home.

National Puppy Day is right around the corner. Here are some things you can do to celebrate it with your beloved pooch!

How to celebrate Puppy Day

Celebrate puppy love by setting aside time to do something special with your baby dog. Whether it’s taking a trip to the dog park, setting up a playdate with their furry best friend, trying out different games or fun toys for puppies, or doing something outside of their normal routine is sure to make them feel extra happy.

And don’t forget to end the day with extra time for cuddling, ear scratching, and belly rubs! This relaxing activity is the perfect way to end a day of bonding with their favorite human.

Gift them with puppy treats

If you really want your puppy to feel the magic of National Puppy Day, indulge them with delicious treats. But since we still have to keep an eye out for their health, make sure to use high quality and nutritious snacks.

Open Farm’s Puppy Pack is the perfect gift for this special day. With Wild Caught Salmon Dry Dog Food, Dehydrated Chicken Treats, and Surf & Turf Freeze Dried Raw beef and salmon, you’ve got everything your pup could dream of in one package.

You can also make delicious homemade puppy treats right at home. Just make sure you use healthy and puppy-safe ingredients like Open Farm’s Kefir For Dogs. This yogurt-like drink doesn’t just have an addicting taste, it also packs a punch of probiotics to improve your puppy’s gut health.

Donate to an animal charity or shelter

For every puppy with a warm home and a loving family, there are dozens who are out alone fending for themselves. This National Puppy Day, let’s remember them too. Donate to your favorite animal rescue or charity and help fund their life-saving mission. Whether in cash, volunteering, or adopting any help will go a long way in meeting the needs of the dogs in their care.

Open Farm has everything you need to celebrate National Puppy Day, from treats to advice on puppy training and choosing the healthiest puppy food. Browse our puppy products and give your dog the love and nutrition they deserve each and every day!

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