How to Celebrate National Pet Month 2021

How to Celebrate National Pet Month 2021

Whether dog or cat, hamster or fish, there’s no doubt that pets bring a lot of joy to our lives. An estimated 67% of US households have at least one animal family member. That number has likely increased in the past year, with a 15% increase in annual adoptions. There’s no doubt that the pandemic has made us even more acutely aware of the benefits of animal companionship.

And if you’re thankful for your furry buddy for staying by your side during these trying times, why not celebrate them this National Pet Month?

What is National Pet Month?

May is National Pet Month in the US. This event aims to celebrate the joys of pet ownership, encourage adoption, and increase awareness of pet services and working animals.

With spring in full bloom, there are a myriad of fun activities you can do with your pet to show them how thankful you are for their presence.

How to Celebrate National Pet Month

There are a lot of ways to celebrate National Pet Month--and it’s not just for fur parents looking to spoil their four-legged kids! If you don’t have a pet at home, but recognize how important they are to humanity, you’re free to join in the fun as well.

  1. Help out at an animal shelter With the number of animals being rescued daily, animal shelters are always in need of a helping hand. Be it through cash donations, pet supplies, or volunteer support, they are sure to appreciate anything you can offer.

Check your local animal shelter and see what they need. There’s lots to do--you can participate in fundraising activities, boost their social media posts, organize a drive for pet supplies and pet food, volunteer your time to help walk and play with the rescues, and more!

If you don’t have an animal shelter near you, you can also donate to larger charities that advocate for pet health and adoption, including PDSA, RSPCA, and Blue Cross.

  1. Adopt or foster a pet If you don’t already have a pet, or are ready to add another four-legged member to your family, consider adoption! Even with the increase in adoption rates in the last year, there are still thousands of pets in the country looking for a furever home--and yours might be it. Try checking your local animal shelter or rescue for pet foster programs during National Pet Month.

  2. Spend time with your pet If you’ve got a furry buddy at home, show them your appreciation by spending extra time with them this month. Take advantage of the spring weather by visiting a hiking trail with your dog, or bring your cat around with you on a pet backpack.

They may not understand the concept of National Pet Month, but they will surely feel the love when you spend quality time with them.

  1. Treat them with Open Farm They say the best way to a pet’s heart is through their stomach--and there’s definitely truth in that! Spoil your pet with Open Farm’s freeze dried raw recipes, tasty meal toppers, and nutritious pet food to show them how much you care. Treat your pet with something extra special like our healthy and tasty treats. Make your dogs and cats feel special this National Pet Month with delicious and nutritious Open Farm products.
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