3 Healthy Benefits of Sustainable Dog Food

3 Healthy Benefits of Sustainable Dog Food

As the effects of human-driven climate change become more apparent and more devastating by the day, many pet parents want to reduce their dog’s carbon footprint. Sustainable dog food can help reduce the impact your dog’s diet has on our planet and give your dog a healthier lifestyle.

Sustainable, ethically sourced and dog foods must meet higher standards of quality than mass-produced dog foods. To meet these standards, the ingredients must be made from whole natural ingredients, be significantly less processed and have a verifiable production chain from the original source to the final product. This produces a much higher grade dog food, which offers several benefits for your dog’s health.

Here are three of the most critical health benefits for your dog when they switch to a diet of sustainable dog food.

Antibiotic, Hormone and Artificial Feed Free

Many mass-produced dog foods use the lowest quality ingredients possible to put out a cheap product. The base meats they use in their products come from animals fed an artificial feed diet pumped full of antibiotics to keep the original animal alive in a pathogen-prone environment. They are also fed hormones to make the animals grow bigger and faster.

There is growing evidence that this dog food is fueling an explosion in antibiotic resistance in dogs and their human families. These mass-produced dog foods could leave your dog vulnerable to an untreatable infection and reduce antibiotic treatment efficacy in all dogs and humans.

Sustainable dog food has none of these harmful ingredients and helps reduce the chance of antibiotic resistance and harmful hormonal effects.

Higher Quality Base Proteins

Dog food is only as good as its ingredients. If you begin with higher quality base proteins, you will get better high protein dog food. Sustainable dog food must come from sources that follow strict grazing, feeding and quality standards.

Sustainable proteins must also be humanely raised or ethically wild-caught, ensuring a quality product. The supply chain must also be strictly monitored to ensure that no substitution takes place, giving you a guarantee that every bowl of wet food for dogs or freeze dried food for dogs only contains pure base proteins for maximum nutrition.

Better Allergy or Dietary Irritant Control

Sustainable dog foods must strictly control and list all ingredients in every food container. Whether cooked food for dogs or dry kibble, sustainable dog foods give you certainty about exactly what ingredients are in each meal.

Your dog may have a sensitivity or an allergy to certain ingredients. Mass-produced, unstainable dog food might use that ingredient as a filler and not list it clearly or be opaque about its use in the feed.

The precise ingredient control in sustainable dog food lets you know exactly what your dog is eating so you can be sure it doesn’t have anything that could upset their stomach or potentially harm their health.

Healthy Sustainable Food From Open Farm

Open Farm is obsessed with high-quality, sustainable dog food. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by 42% by 2030 and take steps to ensure that every single ingredient in our dog food, treats and probiotics are ethically and humanity sourced from reputable suppliers.

Give your dog a healthy diet and help protect our world with organic, sustainable foods from Open Farm.

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