How to Be A Sustainable Dog Owner: The Best Eco-friendly Dog Products

How to Be A Sustainable Dog Owner: The Best Eco-friendly Dog Products

Pet ownership has been rising in popularity, and the pet product industry has grown with it. However, it has not been quick to adjust to new consumer values that prioritize sustainability. Millions of dog products are still being made with non-recyclable materials from factories that harm the environment.

Fortunately, there is a  growing community of sustainable dog brands catering to the needs of the environmentally-conscious fur parents. So if you want to buy eco-friendly dog products, read on!

Sustainable Dog Toys 

Dogs tend to go through toys pretty quickly, leading to additional expense and waste. Purchasing sustainable dog toys that are made to last is a great eco-conscious alternative.  

Honest Pet Products offers dog toys made out of hemp and wool that are fully biodegradable. They are a safe and durable pet toy, made to withstand multiple playtime sessions. When you do discard them, they’ll easily break down and nourish the soil.

Planet Dog has a range of non-toxic dog toys made of 100% recyclable plastic. Plastic may be a red flag for some, but keep in mind this is one of the few materials that can hold out against powerful canine jaws. Your dogs will have a hard time destroying this, allowing you years of fun play.

Eco-Friendly Poop Bags 

Most poop bags are single-use plastics that take decades to decompose. If you want to shift to zero waste pet supplies, try these two brands.

Beyond Green makes plastic-free and chemical dog waste bags that fully dissolve 3-6 months after being thrown away. Bio Bag is a company that makes everything from poop bags to food storage containers that have been certified as non-GMO and fully compostable.

Sustainable Dog Beds 

If you’re looking for dog beds that are not made with synthetic materials or plastics, check out these eco-friendly brands.

Essentia Kingdom has the seal of approval of both the Global Organic Textile Standards and the Global Organic Latex Standard, which means that their dog beds are certified organic, toxin-free, vegan, and natural.

Harry Barker reworks upcycled and recycled materials into stylish, comfortable dog beds that are built to last. 

Molly Mutt Bed Cover offers dog bed covers that are designed to be stuffed with materials from your home like old clothes and towels. It’s an innovative way to reduce home waste by reusing old items.

Eco-Friendly Grooming 

If you don’t want to use dog shampoo that contains toxic ingredients that could irritate your dog’s skin and harm the environment, try out these sustainable dog products for grooming.

Barxby offers sustainable solutions for caring for your pet. They offer zero-waste shampoo bars and soothing balms made with all natural ingredients. 

Earthbath offers everything from wipes to shampoos made of natural ingredients. By buying their products, you are also helping them support non-profit organizations through their volunteer and donation partnerships.

Castlebath has a handmade range of certified-organic vegan pet products that have no trace of parabens, sulfates, or alcohol. 

Zero Waste Dog Food 

The production and packaging of dog food contributes the most to their carbon footprint. Learn more about the environmental impact of pet food here

Open Farm addresses both issues by creating initiatives with like-minded companies to bring our customers eco-friendly and zero waste dog food. We work with Certified Humane® and Global Animal Partnership and Ocean Wise to ensure we use only ethically-sourced and sustainably-produced ingredients. We make sure that the plastic bags used to keep your pet’s food fresh and safe-to-eat do not end up in landfills by partnering with TerraCycle and Loop, an innovative recycling company.

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