How to Be A Sustainable Cat Owner: Best Eco-Friendly Cat Products

How to Be A Sustainable Cat Owner: Best Eco-Friendly Cat Products

Have you ever wondered how many bags of cat food end up in the ocean? Have you ever felt guilty about discarding the plastic toys your kitty destroys? Are you worried about how much it costs the planet to provide litter for all the felines in the world?

Just like any human activity, pet ownership takes a toll on the environment. But there are ways to lessen the impact. More and more businesses are providing for the needs of earth-conscious fur parents. We’ve put together a list of innovative companies offering sustainable pet supplies and eco friendly cat products to keep both your kitty and the planet healthy and happy.

Eco-friendly cat toys

Tired of cat toys made of non-biodegradable material that will persist in landfills for years to come? Check out these eco friendly cat toys.

Ripple Rugs are versatile mats that your cat can use to hide, hunt, play and nap. With this eco-friendly cat product, you not only give your cat hours of entertainment, you also keep 24 plastic bottles from ending up in the ocean.

Purrfect Play offers a full line of eco-friendly cat toys in different shapes and sizes that are made from organic catnip handmade in the US.

Sustainable cat beds

Polyester cat beds are great until you realize that they are not safe for the environment. Try ordering Cat Cave Co pet beds made from natural fabric such as wool fashioned by the hands of Nepalese women. Not only will your cat sleep well in this comfortable bed, but your eco-conscious purchase will help support women behind this brand.

Eco friendly cat litter

One of the most environmentally-taxing cat products is litter material. Unfortunately, most of the brands on the market use clay that comes from ecologically harmful mining operations. Given that cat owners change the litter every few days, you can imagine just how much resources are used up.

So why not go for biodegradable options that nourish the soil instead of deplete it? Litter Maid‘s makes innovative use of inedible walnut shells by converting it to all-natural, odor-neutralizing kitty litter. Hartz cat litter is made of recycled paper that changes color when it’s soiled, so you know exactly what parts need to be thrown out and what can still be used.

But even if you change the material to something biodegradable, it’s all for naught if you throw it out in a plastic bag. To solve the problem, use BeyondGreen‘s leak-proof, tear-resistant, biodegradable cat litter bags.

Before you make the jump, test it out with your kitty first. Some cats are picky and may not take to the sudden change. Instead, mix a little of the new material with the old one in increasing proportions until you’ve completely phased out the old litter.

Sustainable cat accessories

Hemp is a great alternative to many non eco-friendly materials found in cat products. The Good Dog Company provides brightly colored, hypoallergenic cat collars made of hemp and cotton. Found My Animal makes stylish, lightweight, and sturdy hemp cat collars.

Eco-friendly cat towers

Cat towers entertain cats for hours on end, but many of them get destroyed quickly. To be more sustainable, pick one that is built to last and that your kitten won’t outgrow. CozyCat Furniture makes durable, lightweight, and easy-to-construct cat towers from jute, paper, and rope.

Zero waste cat food at Open Farm

A significant portion of a pet’s carbon footprint, like human beings, comes from the food they consume and the processes behind creating it.

This is why Open Farm is dedicated to sourcing food from farms certified under the Global Animal Partnership and Certified Humane, proving that they adhere to the highest standards of animal welfare and sustainable production. This ensures the recipes you feed your cat are sustainable, but what’s left behind is the packaging of your pet food bag. In our quest to be more sustainable, we courage pet parents to recycle your empty pet food bags through our partnership with TerraCycle. Learn more about Open Farm’s dedication to sustainability and transparency here.

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