What Dog Food Recipe is Best For Your Dog?

What Dog Food Recipe is Best For Your Dog?

As pet parents, one of the most important decisions we make is ensuring we feed our pets the best food possible - one that is made with the best ingredients, is high in nutrients and helps support their overall health. Every pet is unique, and at Open Farm we believe their meals should be too. There are many factors that go into creating the perfect meal, whether you are making custom bowls at home or relying on a single dry-food mix. Building the perfect bowl for your pet should be easy, Open Farm can help you choose the best dog food recipe for your canine friend. Keep reading to explore our recipes and find the perfect bowl for your pup!

Taking the Dog Food Finder Quiz

Whether you are welcoming a new pup into your family or looking to switch up your dog’s current diet, Open Farms dog food quiz allows you to quickly and easily find the best recipes suited for your pup. Take note of a few key traits about your dog before taking the quiz.

  • What is your pet’s activity levels – is your pup very active or more of a couch potato?

  • Does your dog have any preferred proteins? Or any food allergies?

  • Do you have a picky eater on your hands?

Based on these questions, and a few other factors, our quiz can help suggest the perfect recipe for your pets' unique needs.

Building Your Bowl

The perfect meal doesn’t have to stop at a single protein or food source. In fact, we suggest boosting your pet’s bowl with our tasty and nutritious meal toppers. Boost nutrient-rich kibble with protein enhancing toppers and healthy moisture to transform your pets' everyday meals. Adding meal toppers to your pet's meal not only provides added nutritional value, but it also keeps mealtime fun.

Building your bowl is easy: Base + Topper (s)

  1. Base: A base is the main component of your pet's meal. This is typically a reliable wet or dry food your pet enjoys. This is where your pup will get most of their nutrients and energy, so make sure this portion is a perfect fit for their high-protein needs. Choose from Open Farms wide range of recipes including our Dry Dog Food, Freeze Dried Raw, Rustic Stews or Gently Cooked recipes.

  2. Topper: Toppers are the perfect complement to kibble. If you are using a dry food as your base, a wet topper like bone broth or freeze-dried raw meat can add more nutrients and moisture to your pup's meal and serve as a healthy supplement. If your dog is a picky eater, adding on a tasty topper to their meal may get them more excited to chow down.

Every pet is unique, and their meals should be too. Build the perfect meal for your pup with Open Farms wide range of recipes and tasty toppers. Use our bowl building tool to get recipe suggestions based on your pets' dietary needs and preferences. Create your custom bowl here.

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