Feline Nutrition 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Cat Food

Feline Nutrition 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Cat Food

As a cat owner, ensuring your cat receives the proper nutrition is essential for its overall health and well-being. A well-balanced diet can help prevent various health issues and support your pet’s growth, development and longevity.

Understanding Your Cat’s Nutritional Needs

Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they require animal-based proteins in their diet. Animal proteins such as chicken, beef and fish provide cats with essential amino acids which they cannot produce on their own. For example, cats have a higher requirement for amino taurine and arginine found in animal-based proteins.

Generally, a typical adult cat diet should consist of a high-quality source of protein, with a minimum of 26 percent crude protein in their daily intake, with upwards of 30 percent being ideal. Fats are also important for their energy needs and should make up around 9 percent of their diet. Carbohydrates, while not essential, can be included in their diet but should be less than 10 percent.

Kittens have higher energy and protein requirements, needing around 30 percent or more protein in their diet. So, if you’re wondering can kittens eat adult cat food, they should have their own food that is higher in protein and nutrients for their growing body. Speak with your vet about your cat or kitten’s specific needs.

Ingredients to Look for in Cat Food

When selecting cat food, prioritize products containing high-quality, sustainable, humanely-raised, and non-GMO ingredients. Look for the following when choosing food for your cat to best support for their health and wellness:

  • High-quality animal-based protein sources such as chicken, turkey, lamb, fish and beef provide essential amino acids for muscle maintenance and repair.

  • Whole foods like fruits and vegetables provide fiber, vitamins and minerals to support healthy digestion and immune function.

  • Limited and identifiable ingredients with no artificial additives or preservatives reduce the risk of food sensitivities and digestive upset.

  • Organic or non-GMO ingredients, when possible, provide a higher quality and nutrient-dense source of food that supports overall health and well-being.

Healthy Cat Food Options

As a responsible pet owner, it’s important to provide your cat with a healthy and balanced diet that meets their nutritional needs. Some of the most delicious, nutritionally-dense foods include:

Wet Cat Food

Wet cat food typically has a high moisture content, which can help support your cat’s hydration. Open Farm’s Harvest Chicken Rustic Blend Wet Cat Food offers a combination of single-source humanely-raised chicken with non-GMO dandelion greens and cranberries for fiber and antioxidants to reduce inflammation.

Dry Cat Food

Dry cat food is popular among cat owners due to its convenience and affordability. It can also help maintain your cat’s dental health by reducing plaque buildup. Open Farm’s Wild-Caught Salmon Dry Cat Food provides your cat with an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids for immune and joint health sourced from North Pacific wild-caught salmon and coconut oil.

Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

Freeze-dried raw cat food provides a nutritionally dense option for on-the-go. Try our Surf & Turf Freeze Dried Raw Cat Food jam-packed with nutrient-rich ingredients like 100 percent animal welfare beef, wild-caught salmon and organ meat like beef liver and heart for added vitamin A and iron.

Bone Broth

Bone broth can supplement your cat’s diet by providing essential nutrients such as collagen, amino acids, and minerals. Open Farm Homestead Turkey Bone Broth for Cats is made from sustainably-sourced, humanely-raised and non-GMO ingredients like pumpkin and carrot, ensuring optimal nutrition and minimal environmental impact.

Help Your Cat Grow Healthy and Strong

Providing your cat with a well-balanced, nutrient-rich diet is crucial for its health and well-being. Choose healthy cat food from Open Farm containing sustainably-sourced, completely traceable ingredients, so you can rest assured that you are giving your pet the best nutrition possible. Explore our complete cat food range today.

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