Choosing the Right Food for Your Dog

Choosing the Right Food for Your Dog

Every pet parent wants to feed their dog the [best diet possible]. Feeding a dog a proper diet will help them live a happy, healthy life. While there are thousands of dog food options on the market, pet parents need to look out for a few key things.

When choosing the right dog food, it all comes down to ingredients. The ingredients must be high-quality, well-balanced and suitable for your dog’s life stage. Dogs require a different balance of vitamins, protein and minerals at different ages.

Your dog may show preferences and dislikes of certain foods but watch for symptoms of allergies or malnutrition, such as weight loss, hair loss or diminished coat luster and the changes in the consistency of its bowel movements. Your vet can also be an excellent resource, particularly if your dog seems to have an adverse reaction to certain foods.

Dog Nutrition

Dogs are not strictly meat eaters and will happily eat grains, vegetables and fruits. Meat can be the main component of their diet, but it should be part of a well-rounded meal with other ingredients for additional vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Most pet parents serve their dog either dry or wet food or a combination. Both are good for dogs, provided they give them the necessary nutrition. Different dogs have different dietary needs, depending on their age and overall health, so consult your vet and monitor your dog anytime you give them a new type of food to see how they react.

Quality Ingredients

The ingredients are the most critical factor in choosing the right dog food for your pet. You should select the best quality food with the right ingredients. Unfortunately, many dog food brands use marketing tricks to confuse consumers, making it difficult to know what is in commercial dog food.

For example, if a dog food label says chicken, it must contain 70 percent chicken by uncooked weight. However, if it says chicken dinner, it only needs to contain 10 percent and if it says chicken flavor, it only needs 3 percent. Likewise, filler ingredients like corn that come in many varieties like corn oil, cornmeal and whole corn can be listed separately to appear to be a lower percentage of the food.

It is critical that every pet parent carefully scrutinizes the labels of all dog food to understand what their dog is eating and ensure that only the best food is served to their dog daily.

High-Quality Dog Food for a Healthy Dog

Whether you feed your dog wet or dry food or give them treats or supplements, feeding them gently cooked human-grade food for every meal is the foundation for a long, healthy life. Open Farm provides a range of dog food and treats that have been made with care and consideration of your pets’ needs.

Each meal is carefully balanced to provide all the nutrition your dog needs, without any filler or harmful additives. Their foods are made with a carefully selected balance of human-grade meat, fruits and vegetables to create the finest food for all types of dogs. Check out our range of nutritious foods and give your dog nothing but the best every day.

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