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Freeze Dried Raw Patties

Minimally processed, convenient raw format that is high protein and includes 95% meat, organ and bones. Taste and nutrition your dog will crave.

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At Open Farm, we are dedicated to producing high-quality, pet food. All our products, from bone broth and wet food to our high-quality freeze dried dog food, are crafted from sustainably-sourced ingredients to ensure your pet gets the best possible nutrition. Our freeze dried food helps to ensure your dog receives the perfect amount of high-quality protein as well as essential vitamins and minerals with no filler or additives. 

Our freeze dried patties make it easy to give your pet carefully controlled portions or feed them on the go while traveling. Serve Open Farm freeze dried patties as-is for a quick, complete meal, or use as a topper to their standard dog food for additional flavor and nutrients, or crumble and rehydrate the freeze dried patty using a bone broth or goat’s milk kefir for added collagen, protein, and gut-friendly probiotics.

Open Farm freeze dried patties are made with sustainable protein such as beef, salmon, or turkey that are 100% Animal Welfare Certified. We audit every farm to ensure they adhere to farming best practices, including raising their animals in cage-free environments free from antibiotics or growth hormones. We source our wild-caught salmon from sustainable fisheries in the North Pacific that meet and exceed Oceanwise standards.

To accompany the protein, the patties are blended with organic fruits and vegetables like carrots, squash, blueberries, spinach and kale with all the vitamins and minerals needed to boost the immune system and metabolism, aid in digestion, and promote healthy growth and development at all stages of life. They also contain heart-healthy fats like coconut oil and omega fatty acids to promote joint and brain health. 

The freeze dried raw dog patties from Open Farm are a great way to pack nutrients into your dog’s diet in an easy, tasty way. They are also a shelf-stable alternative to wet food that still provides the high-quality ingredients, macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals your dog needs. 

In addition to supporting your dog’s health, we also want to make the planet a safer, more enjoyable place for your pet to live. So we have committed to reducing our carbon footprint by 42% by 2030, but using carbon offsets and partnering with an eco-friendly packaging recycling program, Terracycle. 

Our freeze dried food can help improve your dog’s overall health so they live an active and healthy life for years to come. Explore the complete range of freeze dried dog food at Open Farm today.

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