Why Does My Cat Throw Up After Eating?

Why Does My Cat Throw Up After Eating?

Many concerned cat owners ask themselves, “Why does my cat throw up after eating?” A few reasons your cat could be doing this include eating too fast, a change in diet, or hairballs. While all pets vomit from time to time, it’s still a worrisome event for a cat parent.

Every cat throws up once in a while, but it’s not normal when your pet gets sick after every meal. Keeping things like rubber bands, string, houseplants, medications and small objects safely out of reach can help narrow down the reasons for your cat’s vomiting. Regular veterinary appointments will also keep your cat healthy and you updated on your companion’s health.

What Causes Throwing Up After Eating? Cat parents often blame their pet’s food when they throw up, but this isn’t always the case. If you already feed your pet a healthy cat food, there may be other reasons for their discomfort. Regurgitation is sometimes caused if your cat eats too quickly. If your cat really loves their new wet cat food or you have more than one companion and they compete for food, they may be taking in too much air or not chewing their food properly.

Your cat could also be reacting to a new food. If you’ve recently changed your feline’s eating patterns or regular diet, it may upset their stomach. It’s always a good idea to monitor how much of and what your furry friend is eating so you remain aware of anything that might be a problem.

How Do I Stop It? Cats can be very discriminating; when their diet suddenly shifts, for instance, from dry to wet cat food, they may not eat at all. Or they might get so excited they overindulge! Mixing in the old food to gradually transition your cat to the new diet over a period of a week will give you both a better mealtime experience.

Getting your cat to eat at a slower pace can be achieved by more frequent feedings with a smaller amount of food if you think your cat is rushing through dinner. A very shallow feeding dish, like a cookie sheet, can also be effective. This method spreads the dry cat food out over a larger area and prevents your cat from taking large mouthfuls that can cause vomiting.

Choosing a healthy cat food is important for your furry companion’s health and longevity. The ingredients should be high-quality and contain plenty of nutrients. Cats thrive on high-protein and low-carb diets. Ensuring your wet cat food is high quality can help your cat get the hydration it needs.

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What About My Kitten? Kittens can have the same problems as their adult counterparts. A change in diet, eating too fast or competing with other cats at mealtimes can often result in regurgitation. Although many people wonder, “can kittens eat adult cat food?” The answer is not really.

Kittens need extra nutrition for their growing bodies, and feeding your kitten adult cat food can affect their growth and development. If your kitten is eating too fast, try some feeding toys that make eating an adventure. Many of these toys make your kitten work to find the food, so your kitten slows down their eating habits and has a blast, too!

Kittens might also get sick because of parasites or food allergies. These issues can be caught and addressed with your veterinarian before they become a problem.

Caring for Your Cat Sometimes vomiting can be a sign of a more serious problem. If your cat shows signs of discomfort, or throws up repeatedly for extended periods, ask your vet for an appointment. Problems such as hairballs or digestive issues are more challenging to spot and should be addressed by a professional.

Guiding your cat’s eating habits is an essential step to maintaining their health and happiness, and finding just the right cat food is crucial. When our cats don’t feel well, we suffer along with them. It’s important to make sure we know exactly what and how much they are eating so we can give them as much joy, laughter and companionship as they give to us.

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