What's your pet's horoscope this month?

What's your pet's horoscope this month?

Zodiac-HighlightCover-blogheader What's in the future for your fur-iend in March 2020? Scroll down to find out!


This warrior’s energetic spirit is anything but fair-weather. Be ready for anything in 2020 – sleet, slush, rain, mud, maybe even a mouse.


With a bone hidden three houses away, your home body will need to push themselves beyond their boundaries this year – and they’ll dig it.


More of a talker than a listener, your Gemini pet might occasionally give up the barking and meowing for Open Farm Rustic Stews and Blends.


Sensitive with a wild spirit. 2020 is going to be a wild year of cat nips followed by cat naps and frantic fetching followed by feasting.


This year the undisputed King or Queen of your household isn’t about to give up their throne, their bone, or their Open Farm Treats.


A little shy but always analysing, especially this year. When you see sleeping think meditating, and hear yapping think philosophising.


Look no further for the answers. Your well-fed fur ball has them all behind that sly smile. Now if only they could talk.


That stick they’re chasing or trying to pick up will be bigger this year. It’s your Scorpio testing their strength, and your patience.


Freedom – or simply chasing a fly – is what your cat’s dreaming or purring about. Open the door for them, knowing they’ll return for dinner.


While tough at heart, in 2020 you’ll see a softer side (or coat) to your furry friend, thanks to Open Farm’s Bone Broth.


There’s much more beneath the pouty eyes. This one doesn’t miss a thing. Think again if you think they don’t know where you hide the treats.


Stopping to smell the roses, dirt or a fire hydrant won’t stop – it’s your pet’s curiosity and imagination coming to the forefront in 2020.

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