Gently Cooked Dog Food Serving Size Guide

Open Farm's Gently Cooked Dog Food Serving Size Guide

If you’re looking to serve your pup the finest possible home-cooked meal without cooking, look no further than Gently Cooked. Our Gently Cooked recipes are cooked at low temperatures with 100% human-grade ingredients, made in a human-grade facility. Whether you’re serving as a meal or mixed in with your pup’s wet or dry food, you can be proud knowing that your dog is getting the best possible ingredients in their diet. This new sous vide technique for cooking dog food makes your pet’s health the top priority. You’ll be able to see the difference in their coat!

How Is Gently Cooked Dog Food Made?

We start every recipe with top quality protein, sourced from certified humane farms. Then, we add superfoods like non-GMO leafy greens, pumpkin and coconut oil to keep your pup healthy. Finally, we cook all of our meals “sous-vide” at a low temperature, carefully watching to never overcook, eliminating bacteria. After it’s cooked the meal is frozen to seal in the nutrients and flavor into the meal and ensure that your pup will come running for every mealtime.

What’s the Difference Between Dry and Cooked Pet Food?

To start, Open Farm food never contains artificial preservatives or additives regardless of whether you’re serving Gently Cooked or our other dry recipes. However, there are some crucial differences between the two. With Gently Cooked, you eliminate all risk of overcooked or undercooked meat which can be harmful for your dog’s digestive system. By freezing fresh after cooking, you prevent any need for preservatives at all. You can learn more about the Gently Cooked difference here.

How do I Serve Gently Cooked Dog Food?

You can serve Gently Cooked as a complete, balanced meal or a nutritious topper. All Open Farm Gently Cooked meals are pre-portioned and frozen into bags. Simply take it out of the freezer, thaw, scoop and serve. Make sure to follow the recommended serving portion, which can be found under “How to Feed & Store” on the Gently Cooked product page.

If you’d prefer to use Gently Cooked as a topper, you can serve a scoop on top of a main dish such as our natural, high-protein dry dog foods. The wet food on top of the dry kibble adds extra nutrition (and convince picky eaters to dig in). If you have leftovers, all you have to do is reseal and refrigerate for up to 5 days. GC-Review-blog

Different Flavors for Different Pups

Does your dog have an allergy or specific tastes? No worries, we have multiple Gently Cooked options to choose from including beef, chicken, turkey, and fish for sensitive stomachs and picky eaters. As always, feel free to reach out to our lovely customer service team at if you have any questions about the Gently Cooked difference.

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