National Take Your Dog to Work Day, Or Every Day at Open Farm

National Take Your Dog to Work Day, Or Every Day at Open Farm

Today is National Take Your Dog to Work Day, a day to celebrate our furry friends and to bring awareness and encourage rescue and adoptions. At Open Farm, we’re lucky enough that every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day, since we’re a (very) dog friendly office. On any given day, we can have up to eight dogs running around. We’re a small, family-run company, so needless to say, we’re basically outnumbered. We wanted to share with you some of the greatest advantages of having our furry friends accompany us to work every day.

1. You find out that even pets have their own office politics

There are always office politics, but witnessing office politics between a group of dogs is a special treat. An office is a great place to see a dog’s individual personality, and also to see how they interact with others of their kind. Certain dogs have befriended each other, others need to be kept in separate offices, or perhaps the smallest, 9lbs dog is the office terroriser. It keep your days interesting!

2. Your dog helps you bond with your colleagues

The pet parents in the office bond over their shared experiences of late night wake ups, vet bills and cute photo ops. While we’re all animal lovers in our office, not everyone has their own dog yet, but even the pet-parents-to-be adopt the dogs as their own and keep an eye out for their well-being. Not to mention, an office that has to have open conversations about “Who peed on the floor” definitely have a new level of comfort with each other.

3. There is always time for snuggle breaks

The dogs have a great deal here: there is a backyard to run around in and each dog has their own bed in their respective office. Needless to say, there are many occasions where you’ll find a person snuggled up in a dog’s bed, right along with their pooch. Who else can say they get dog snuggles in the middle of their day?

4. Having your dog around is the best stress relief you could ever ask for

We all know office environments can get a little stressful at times. Busy days, deadlines, phones ringing off the hook and back to back meetings can often add to your stress levels. But, when you have your dog around (or eight) you can take a quick break to walk your dog and clear your head, or even just a quick pat can ease your stress.

5. You always have the best welcoming committee

Whether you’ve stepped out for five minutes or were gone an hour, there will always be a brigade of wagging tails, barks and kisses waiting for you when you get into the office. How many people can say they have a loud and loving welcome parade every time they go to work?

6. There is all the cute, all the time

Dogs are cute, that’s a simple fact. Throw in eight quirky dog personalities and there is bound to be a lot of cuteness going down on a daily basis. There’s nothing like a little bit of cute to brighten your day.

7. You never eat alone

Have you ever tried to eat roast chicken with eight dogs present? We’ll give you a hint that you’ll have sixteen eyes staring right at you, with every mouthful you take. While not everyone may be a fan of having an audience while you eat, it’s nice to know that you’re never eating lunch alone.

8. You get to spend the day with your best friend

And what could be better than that?

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