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January 08, 2019 Tips

Humane Farming 101

The conventional farming system (or "factory farming") has evolved in a way that treats animals like inventory, and prioritizes profit over their welfare. This has led to the vast majority of farm animals being raised in crowded, unsanitary, high-stress environments where they are unable to live healthy, happy lives and engage in their natural behaviors. With Humane Farm Animal Care's Certified Humane Raised & Handled® program, farm animals are provided with relief from the harsh conditions of the factory farm setting, and the rigorous standards of the program span the life of the animal, from birth to slaughter. If you've ever wondered how exactly the Certified Humane® program benefits farm animals, the infographic below puts their standards into perspective. 

Humane Farming 101


Maddie the Puggle Maddie the Puggle Open Farm Staff Writer

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