3 Unexpected Ways You Can Help Pet and Animal Shelters Near You During The Pandemic

3 Unexpected Ways You Can Help Pet and Animal Shelters Near You During The Pandemic

As the pandemic continues to unfold, animal shelters are operating with new and looming obstacles. With most of them deemed as essential businesses, they are seeing a surge in adoption and fostering requests which is great news! However, this means more attention is needed to the administrative duties, protection of staff and keeping revenues afloat. Here are 3 unexpected ways you can help.

1. Your skills and interests can come in handy right from home!

Have accounting experience, or fancy picking up writing as a hobby? Operating a shelter is similar to running a business and there are a wide variety of tasks volunteers help with to ensure animals end up in the right homes. Ask your local shelter if they have a need for services like pet-profile writing, bookkeeping, legal help or simply mention you would like to assist in any way you can!

2. Raising monetary donations for pandemic-specific needs.

Covid-19’s impact on animal shelters go beyond the obstacles of social distancing. In the short-term, they’re thinking of ways to operate safely and will need a budget for personal protective equipment (PPE). As they think further to the future, some may be expecting a major drop in revenue due to suspended services like spaying and neutering. The additional funds will also be useful for any fosters or adoptions that are returned to the shelter for any economic reasons.

3. Follow your favorite shelters on social and share your own rescue story.

To stay up-to-date on your favorite pet shelter’s needs, follow them on social and be sure to reshare their posts if you know someone who can help. Social media is one of the few ways to stay connected with what your animal shelter needs during the quarantine. Animal rescues rely heavily on word of mouth marketing and your voice can make a difference. Additionally, sharing your rescue pet’s story can inspire others to consider fostering or adopting.

And of course, food donations always help. In April, we donated 15,000 meals to shelters across the U.S. and Canada. We are also working closely with Roadogs to provide pet food for families in need. If you are in the LA area, and would like to apply for the program, fill out this application.

Want to make your own food donation to a local shelter? Try our Dry Dog Food or Puppy Food.

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