Best Dog Food for Yorkies

Best Dog Food for Yorkies

Yorkies, with their petite size, luxurious coat and boundless energy are some of the best breeds a pet owner can consider buying. Whether you’re considering dry food for dogs or looking into the benefits of bone broth, feeding your Yorkie the best ingredients is critical for their overall well-being.

Best Ingredients in Dog Food: Always check the label

Choosing the right food for your Yorkie involves more than just picking a bag off the shelf. The ingredients in the food can affect your pup’s health, metabolism and energy levels. When selecting a food for your Yorkie, the best ingredients in dog food include:

High-quality proteins: Opt for foods that list a high-quality source of animal protein as the first ingredient, such as chicken, beef or fish. Proteins are essential for muscle development and maintenance, especially for active breeds like Yorkies with fast metabolisms.

Healthy fats: Look for foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These can come from fish oil, flaxseed or chicken fat. Healthy fats support brain development, particularly in puppies and keep the skin and coat healthy. Omega fatty acids can reduce inflammation, which is particularly beneficial for small breeds prone to joint issues.

Digestible carbohydrates: Ingredients like sweet potatoes and peas are excellent options for providing digestible carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are necessary for quick energy. However, these carbs must be easily digestible, particularly for Yorkies with sensitive digestive systems.

Natural preservatives: Natural preservatives, like vitamin E, should be used in place of artificial preservatives like BHT, BHA or ethoxyquin. Natural preservatives are less likely to trigger allergies and skin irritations and are generally considered safer for long-term consumption.

Dry Food for Dogs: Is it Right for Yorkies? With their small size and quick metabolism, Yorkies benefit from dry dog food formulated for smaller breeds. These formulations consider their energy needs, the size of the kibble for their tiny mouths and nutrient profiles tailored to their dietary requirements.

Open Farm’s Grain Free Small Breed Chicken and Turkey Recipe provides a wholesome source of lean protein that supports muscle growth and maintenance. Complementing the meats are a medley of non-GMO vegetables and fruits, such as chickpeas, kale, blueberries and apples, offering a balanced blend of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Free from all grains, this formula ensures that even pups with grain sensitivities can enjoy their meals without digestive distress. The inclusion of nutrient-rich superfoods like sunflower and salmon oil ensures dogs get a dose of essential fatty acids, promoting skin and coat health.

The smaller kibble is designed for petite mouths and jaws, ensuring easy chewing and digestion. Open Farm’s unwavering commitment to transparency and sustainability means that each ingredient is traced back to its source, ensuring your pet gets the best.

Benefits of Bone Broth for Yorkies

Understanding the benefits of bone broth for dogs can help you provide optimal nutrition for your Yorkie. Bone broth is a nutrient-dense liquid made from simmering bones. It is a powerhouse of nutrition for petite breeds like Yorkies. Rich in essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, bone broth supports joint health courtesy of its naturally occurring glucosamine and chondroitin. Gelatin aids in maintaining a healthy gut lining, promoting better nutrient absorption.

Bone broth also provides hydration, which is beneficial in warmer climates, ensuring Yorkies stay adequately hydrated while consuming enough calories to power their energetic personalities.

RawMix Dog Food: A Natural Alternative for Yorkies

RawMix dog food emulates the ancestral diet of canines. Comprising a blend of freeze dried raw, vegetables and wholesome ancient grains with grain and legume free options, this food type offers a range of digestible nutrients suitable for a Yorkie’s petite size and quick metabolism.

The ingredients satiate their natural carnivorous cravings and support dental health; chewing crunchy, unprocessed food helps keep their tiny teeth plaque-free.

Open Farm’s Front Range Ancient Grains RawMix is specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your Yorkie at every life stage. This blend offers a protein-rich diet with 100% Animal Welfare Certified meats like grass-fed beef, pasture-raised lamb and cage-free pork. High protein content is essential for your active Yorkie’s fast metabolism.

Nutrient-dense organ meats and beef bone broth coating provide collagen and essential vitamins that contribute to maintaining healthy joints— a common health issue for Yorkies. Plus, the whole grain barley offers an excellent source of fiber, aiding your Yorkie’s digestion. All ingredients are 100% traceable, non-GMO and free of added antibiotics or hormones, making it a healthy and humane choice.

Is Freeze Dried Food Good for Yorkies?

Many pet owners wonder, is freeze dried food good for dogs? The freeze-drying process locks in the ingredients’ natural nutrients without the need for artificial preservatives, making it a nutritious choice for the health-conscious pet parent.

For Yorkies, with their small stature, freeze dried food offers an easily digestible, nutrient-rich meal that retains the flavor they love. The lightweight nature and extended shelf life make it a practical choice for owners, bridging the gap between convenience and nutrition.

Open Farm’s Harvest Chicken Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food is a complete meal or flavor-packed topper crafted with 100% Animal Welfare Certified, free-to-roam chicken. Loaded with organic veggies like carrots and spinach and superfoods such as blueberries and butternut squash, it offers a nutrient-rich blend to support your Yorkie’s overall health. The formula is gently freeze dried, retaining all its nutritional benefits and the bite-sized pieces are designed with a Yorkie’s petite jaw in mind.

How Much Should I Feed My Yorkie?

While Yorkies are small, their high metabolism means their nutritional needs differ from larger breeds such as the Mastiff or Great Dane or more sedentary small breeds like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or Pekingese. So, if you are wondering how much should I feed my dog, it varies based on:

Age: Yorkie puppies have a high energy requirement to support their rapid growth and development. They usually eat more frequent meals, sometimes up to four times a day, depending on their age and the recommendations from your vet.

Activity level: Generally, Yorkies are energetic dogs, so if your Yorkie enjoys running around and playing frequently, their caloric needs may be higher. A Yorkie that isn’t as active might not require as many calories.

Type of food: Nutritional content varies between food types. High-quality foods, often rich in animal proteins and low in fillers like corn or soy, generally provide more nutrients, allowing you to feed less while still meeting your dog’s nutritional needs.

Always start with the recommended serving size per pound on the dog food label and adjust based on your Yorkie’s needs.

Choose the Best Food for Your Yorkie

Whether it’s dry kibble, bone broth enrichments or the convenience of freeze dried raw food, the health and happiness of your Yorkie hinges on high-quality food. Open Farm prioritizes high-quality ingredients and ethical sourcing and understands the unique needs of smaller breeds.

Always consult your veterinarian to ensure your food choices align with your Yorkie’s specific health needs and explore the complete range of pet foods available at Open Farm.

This article is meant only as an example meal with fully balanced nutrition, please reach out to our customer experience team if you have any questions about your pet’s own unique circumstances! To ensure these products are a good fit for your pup, we also recommend consulting your pup’s vet about any new supplement or diet changes, especially if there is a medical concern. They should be able to help as you and your vet know your pup’s medical history best!

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