4 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Week With Your Dog!

4 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Week With Your Dog!

National Dog Week is as much about celebrating responsible dog owners and dog lovers as it is about celebrating dogs themselves. For this special week, we’ve rounded up the best ways to spoil your dog and other dogs in need.

1. Paw it forward

It’s every pup’s National Dog Week, so spread the love. Although donating may not be directly spoiling your pup, we’re sure your pet would be excited to pay (or paw) it forward to other dogs in need. Do some fall-time house purging and gift some used dog toys or blankets to a local animal shelter. Every animal deserves to be spoiled this week.

2. Rotate your dog's food and let them try something new!

Just like humans, pet’s need variety in their food. Try rotating your pet’s food to a different protein or try topping your dog’s food with a different recipe format. You’ll be amazed at how much they love the change. From a health perspective, rotating your pup’s proteins & recipe formats will help reduce the chance of developing allergies. All of our recipes are rotational within each category, so change it up & see how your pup likes it! If you're unsure of how to rotate your pet's food, learn how here.

3. Spend quality time

Dogs value the simple things. They only want your time, care and attention. Spend some quality time with your pup, catering to what their favorite activity is whether it’s outdoors or indoors.

4. Bring your pup on an all-day adventure

Get outside with your dog and go on an all-day adventure. Whether it’s a dog-friendly hike, the beach or visiting a new dog-friendly coffee shop, bring your pup somewhere they would love explore.

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