10 Things Dog Owners Do (That Yours Does Too)!

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Whether you’re a parent to kids or canines, a mother’s love knows no bounds. That’s why some pup parents find themselves emulating their moms when doting on their barking babies—and that’s okay! Some people may not get it, but we sure do, because pooches are more than just pets; they’re part of the family.

From showing your love to just plain spoiling them, here are 10 things that dog moms do for their pups that your mom did for you.

1. Making sure your dog's meals are healthy

Mom always made sure your meals were wholesome and well-rounded. As a pet parent, you only feed your baby the best so she can stay as happy and healthy as possible!

2. Stocking up on his or her favorite snacks

Remember how excited you were when Mom would come home from the grocery store with all your favorite snacks? For this reason, you always keep your pup’s favorite treats on hand.

3. Gushing about your dog any chance you get

You can’t help but blabber on about all the hilarious things your pup does—if your dog could blush, he would!

4. Making the pet store a necessary stop on your errand run

Sometimes, Mom would surprise you, “just because.” And you can’t come home to that sweet face and wagging tail empty-handed, can you?!

5. Obsessively taking pictures of him or her

Mom had Polaroids; you have Instagram. Your social media pages filled with snaps of your dog!

6. Tucking your dog into bed

Usually yours, as a matter of fact. Often, you sacrifice your own comfort so your dog can sprawl out.

7. Singing lullabies to your pup

Your mom would sing you to sleep with lullabies, but for your dog, you change the words accordingly: “Rockabye puppy, safe in your bed / And as you doze, I’ll pat your soft head…”

8. Calling him or her by their nickname

Mom would call you “Sweetie” or “Hon” (or your full name when you were in trouble!). But you and your dog take “pet names” to a whole new level; Fluffbutt, Squishy, Pookie, and about a dozen variations of her real name don’t even cover them all.

9 . Making sure the holidays are extra special

Remember when Mom used to make your home feel festive? Your pooch does so much for you every day that you feel the least you can do is spoil him on birthdays and holidays. (And Tuesdays… and weekends…okay, every day, for that matter!)

10. Loving your pup unconditionally

Your dog has pooped on the carpet, chewed your favorite shoes, barked incessantly at the neighbors, and stolen food off your plate. But somehow, you always forgive her because that’s what mothers do: they love their children, no matter what.

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