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Fresh slow cooked dog food without the hassle of cooking. 100% human grade ingredients to show your dog the quality they deserve.

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Many pet parents want to give their dogs high-quality, human-grade cooked meals, but often don’t have the time to whip up a dog-friendly meal. Open Farm has carefully crafted a line of gently cooked dog food specially formulated to give your dog all the nutrition they need in a delicious meal they will love. 

These slow cooked dog food meals come in recyclable packages, ensuring your dog gets the right amount of finely balanced food without overeating. All meals are slowly cooked using a sous-vide method to eliminate harmful bacteria while retaining all the delicious flavor and nutritious vitamins and minerals. 

Our Harvest Chicken Gently Cooked Recipe is made from antibiotic-free, humanely raised chicken and nutrient-packed non-GMO fruits, vegetables and superfoods. It has apples for dietary fiber and vitamin C, kale for a rich mixture of vitamins B6, A and K and copper and manganese. It also has butternut squash, which has been proven to improve vision and boost the immune system. 

Open Farm’s Homestead Turkey Gently Cooked Recipe has slow-cooked human-grade turkey mixed with a delicious spread of vegetables. The turkeys lived a happy, healthy life in a free-range environment, feeding on a vegetarian diet and their meat is an excellent source of healthy protein. The meat is supplemented by healthy roots and seeds like chia and chicory for a delicious, nutrient-dense meal. 

Give your dog a wholesome, healthy slow cooked meal with a bowl of Grass-Fed Beef Gently Cooked Recipe. This meal has 100% humanely raised, grass-fed beef with an extra portion of beef liver for a meal with all the healthy ingredients your dog needs for an active life, a healthy coat and a good digestive tract in a meal they will love to eat. 

Give your pets the flavor and nutrition of a home-cooked meal without the fuss with the obsessively crafted slow-cooked meals from Open Farm.

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