National Mutts Day: Meet Our Mutts

National Mutts Day: Meet Our Mutts

On July 31st we celebrate National Mutt Day - a day to celebrate our mixed breed friends and bring awareness about the many mixed breed dogs that fill shelters and await a loving home. Here at Open Farm, we have our own special mix of mutts with great personalities, adorable antics and that give us lots of love and joy every day. To celebrate National Mutt Day, we though we would introduce you to some of our mutts, and even play a bit of "Guess that Mutt". For the most part, these dogs are rescues so we can't say for certain what breeds they are, but it's sure fun to try to figure it out!

Bella aka Queen B

Bella is what we like to call around here, the Queen B. She's sweet as can be when she likes you, but if you're new or a stranger, watch out. She'll win you over with her big brown eyes and her adorable Pug rolls, she also likes to "chunk" around the office and keep an eye out for her next snack. You would never know this sassy girl was a puppy mill dog, she's come a long way since she was rescued in 2010. Can you guess what kind of Pug-mix she is?


Maddie is Bella's younger sister and just the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. She is also a puppy mill rescue and is much more shy than her sister, and as you can tell lost her eye because of an awful infection. She loves to laze around in her bed at the office and you won't hear a peep from her until someone rings the doorbell. But just wait until she's home or out at the park, she'll run like the wind! She is a little more svelte than her sister too, making us think she's a different mix. What do you think?

Duncan aka The Grump

Duncan is the newest addition to the clan and officially upgrades the group from a pair of Pug-mixes to a grumble! Duncan is a sweet boy and loves his two sisters, but there is nothing that he loves more than food. Any and all food. You'll be sure to have Dunky by your side the second you open a snack, and his huffing, puffing, grumpy look of "But where's my food?" will have you caving in no time. Despite his food fanaticism, he's in good shape. Do you think he's the same mix as Maddie?


Molly is the youngest of the office crew and she is just a bubbly, boisterous, ball of love. She was rescued as a puppy and since no one knew her exact mix, it was a surprise to us all when she stopped growing at 40 lbs. Her parents thought that she was maybe part Newfoundlander and would grow to be quite a big girl, but she's still perfect the way she is! Do you think there's any Newfoundlander in her, she does like to swim!


Dexter is the biggest mystery of them all. His laid back attitude and snuggly disposition makes him a great office-mate, but when it comes to knowing what breed he is, your guess is as good as his dad's! Dexter was adopted at a young age and his tail had been cruely cropped, so there's no hint there as to what mix he could be. Thoughts?

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